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Letters to the editor

July 18, 2008

AT&T has own plan to boost economy

To the editor:

Today I received my stimulus check. In keeping with the spirit of the program, I will spend it quickly. I will not save it or invest it. Nor will I, with one exception, pay off any debt.

In Feburary, I closed my long distance phone account-with AT&T and paid off the balance. In March, I received a bill for 25 cents still due. Considering that the postage was twice the amount of the charge, I assumed it was a computer glitch and filed it under bills paid.

In April, I received another bill for 25 cents, and another in May. In June, a fourth bill arrived. How long this would continue intrigued me, but then the light dawned on me.


I now know that this is one way that AT&T stimulates the economy. Each bill requires extra work for the postman and their accounting department.

It consumes additional paper for forms, power for the electronic devices and gasoline for the delivery vehicles. Also, the post office sells more stamps.

I will do my part by paying the 25 cents with a personal check. This will require one more stamp, another item for the postman, more transactions by AT&T's billing personnel, and revenue for the wire services that handle the transfers to their bank and from that bank to mine.

The people at my bank will be paid to debit my account and process the check.

The cost of each transaction is miniscule, but added up might reasonably be estimated at $5. So you see, that initial 25 cents has generated 20 times its value. The ratio is likely higher than the average, but it is representative of the function of the stimulus program.

AT&T and I do not expect accolades for our endeavors. However, if President Bush were to take a side trip from Camp David to Williamsport, I would not object to accepting an "atta boy" at a brief ceremony. In fact, I will treat the entire entourage to lunch in our dining room at Homewood in Williamsport where I reside.

(Note: the lunch offer is null and void if first lady Laura Bush is not in attendance.)

F. Burkett

Who's still buying the Bush rationale for the war in Iraq?

To the editor:

Oh my, we hardly noticed. Our government just rejected (on July 8) a demand from Iraq's government for a specific date for pullout of U.S.-led foreign troops from the country, saying any withdrawal will be based on "conditions on the ground." Hint: We have not secured the oil supply yet.

How many of you Amuricans (sic) out there are still capable of believing that we are waging war in Iraq for the sake of liberating the Iraqis, you know, for the sake of freedom and democracy?

Or, as we continue to create more determined enemies every day we remain, do you now have it that we are entitled to go on bombing and killing and destroying in Iraq for the sake of our security?

Barry Kissin
Frederick, Md.

Once again, fear machine will work on U.S. voters

To the editor:

John McCain will win in November. You're thinking, "No way!" Three months ago he had no money and had fired most of his campaign people. Five months ago, he was sixth out of eight candidates. Not a single right-wing talk show host liked him. But a miracle happened!

Candidates started dropping out. The front runner, Mitt Romney, dropped out before anyone. Why? The Republican slime machine is at full force already. Those talk show hosts who, three months ago, hated McCain are slobbering over him now. McCain changed his views on everything he stood for, just to get elected. And just to look Republican!

So, you ask, how will he win? Simple fact: 75 percent of Americans want us out of Iraq. The right's slime machine will say Democrats are cowards and cut-and-runners. Result: People will vote for John McCain.

Rev. Wright - The machine will say his views are Obama's views. What about John Hagee and the other guy who say the U.S. was formed to kill Islamic people? Heck, 10 percent of the country still thinks Obama is Muslim! Result: People will vote for McCain.

They will say they have stopped 20-30 plots against America in the last three months and Democrats knew nothing about it!

The fear card worked in 2004 and it will work again in 2008, because people believe this garbage as gospel!

Rodney A. Guessford

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