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July 16, 2008|By MADGE MILES / 301-791-7647

Youth club to expand, change its name

The No Smoking Youth Club will change its name to the Neighborhood Youth Club and expand the services offered by Brothers United Who Dare To Care for young people and their families.

The club had a successful program year and concluded it with the distribution of a tobacco education book.

The new club will be designed to empower young people through life skills activities and events to help them become successful members of the community.

The goal is to impact young people's interest in culture, education and career pursuits while developing skills necessary to avoid violence, substance abuse and sexual challenges.


The club is looking for organizations or individuals to work with the young people and their families to provide self-help and self-sufficiency outreach. Anyone wanting to volunteer should contact Brothers United Who Dare To Care at 301-393-9290 or e-mail youthclub@blackmenwho

Camp Day

The annual Tobacco-Free Camp Day had a milestone achievement with the release of the "No Smoking Youth Club - Tobacco Education Book." The book was inspired by a similar book composed by the young people at the Baltimore American Indian Center.

This book was designed to promote prevention/cessation of tobacco use and warn of the danger of being exposed to secondhand smoke. It includes materials such as word scrambles, artwork and fun facts for young people of all ages.

Mollie Smith, No Smoking Youth Club Leader, was the event speaker and she shared information on how to make the best use of the tobacco education curriculum with interactive involvement as she reviewed the book with participants at the Camp Day event.

Contributions to the book came through the No Smoking Youth Campaign, which hosted a series of events and activities throughout the year including the after school computer lab, the annual No Smoking Youth Rally and several cultural days with the involvement of the No Smoking Youth Club and the "Don't Smoke With Kids In The Car" campaign.

The success of the Tobacco-Free Youth Camp Day was also due to the partnership of Memorial Recreation Center and its summer day camp program. The annual camp day was sponsored by Brothers United Who Dare To Care and was funded by the Washington County Health Department and participation from the Maryland Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance program, the Maryland Center for Health Promotions - African American Tobacco Control Initiative, and the Washington County Department of Social Services.

Gospel choir concert

Come out and "Fellowship with the Believers" and host Pastor Haru Carter Jr. at Zion Baptist Church, 61 W. Bethel St., at a gospel choir concert on Saturday at 6 p.m. with special guests, the St. Matthew's First Baptist Church Mass Choir, from Winnsboro, S.C.

Then hear Pastor D.S. President, of Winnsboro, on Sunday morning at Zion Baptist Church's worship service at 11.

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