Mail Call

July 15, 2008

"This comment is to all those folks who are waiting for the state to lower their property assessments. When the property assessments are lowered, the County Commissioners will raise the property tax rate, because they just hate to cut spending." - Rohrersville

"Several years ago some scientists - I don't remember how many - predicted the coming of a new ice age. Average temperatures didn't drop in the past 30 years, so most of us now believe it's reasonable to assume they were wrong. We have recently experienced 10 of the hottest years in recorded history, the polar ice caps are melting, the world oil supply is rapidly diminishing and thousands of scientists agree that our continued burning of fossil fuels will only speed up global warming, wreaking havoc on our climate. We could make a stronger effort to save the earth and leave something for future generations, but that doesn't seem to be a popular notion in this community. Many continue to defend their selfish lifestyles with the argument that scientists were wrong about the ice age, so therefore they must be wrong about carbon gases causing global warming. Do these people actually believe their conclusion makes sense, or do they just think you are stupid enough to accept it? Would you ignore a warning that smoke is coming from your attic because a few years earlier someone had made an inaccurate prediction that your house may be flooded?" - Hagerstown


"Two points about oil - and I hope I am not adding to all the rumors and confusion. First, the last I heard, Alaskan oil was all being shipped to Japan because American refiners either did not want to or could not refine it because of its poor quality. Second, oil is a world commodity, and no matter where we would obtain it we would pay world prices, even if pumped in America. I think the game is to keep everyone confused about the world oil market and pocket the results." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Don't complain about the children getting free food. When the welfare check arrives for these children, it goes for cell phones, cigarettes and drugs. Food comes last."

"I agree with whoever called in about the taverns in Williamsport, but they also forgot the liquor stores, the Moose club, the Red Men and the Legion ... there are more places in Williamsport to buy your liquor and your beer than there are churches. For a little town, that's not very good." - Williamsport

"We were out fishing at Blair's Valley. The scenery is beautiful, the lake is beautiful, and the area mowed. One complaint is the public bathroom is filthy beyond description. It needs pressure washing with disinfectant. Please, someone clean it up. It is a public health hazard." - Hagerstown

"I cannot understand why when the cost of oil goes up by the barrel, the prices at the pump immediately goes up, even though that's gas from previous times, but when the price of oil comes down, which we've read recently, the price at the gas pump does not come down." - Halfway

"My taxes increased $300 from last year. Now I know what the county appraised my house at, I would never be able to sell it for that." - Dargan

"Anybody with interest in not having that proposed shopping center built, please try with all you can to attend the meetings." - Hagerstown

"I am strongly opposed to having alcohol available in the audience of The Maryland Theatre. Do you think I want to bring my four children to see artistic presentations, with people drinking around us? We tell our children 'Just say no to drugs,' but alcohol is a drug of choice, and we're promoting that at The Maryland Theatre. The proposed new convenience store is gonna be selling beer and wine. What is this, an artistic area or an alcohol area?" - Hagerstown

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