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July 09, 2008

Thomas: Cooperation needed on water

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The stormwater drainage issues in southern Antrim Township can not be fixed without additional cooperation of residents, staff said Tuesday night.

Township Manager Ben Thomas said at this point, staff cannot continue taking steps to improve the drainage problems plaguing the area of Williamson Road at Colonial Drive unless it acquires the necessary right of way from residents.

In 2006, a 100-year storm dumped rain on the area, flooding homes and bringing the drainage deficiences to the surface and to the attention of the township, Thomas said.

The disrepair of existing stormwater management systems along Williamson Road and Colonial Drive has only made the problem worse for homeowners whose properties continue to flood with very heavy rain.


The township looked into repairing the stormwater management of the area in 1988 and entered into agreements with homeowners for the right of way, but Thomas said the township did not dot every "i" or cross every "t," to give the agreements legal legitimacy 20 years later.

He said Tuesday that a few of the residents who own the remaining pieces of the right of way which the township needs to re-engineer drainage have declined to turn it over to the township.

Supervisor Samuel Miller suggested the board continue to talk to property owners rather than let the issue drop unresolved.

Supervisors want input on police issue

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors wants to hear from the public before it revisits the idea of a township police department.

Supervisors said at Tuesday's meeting they plan to put an announcement in the township newsletter asking for residents to comment on a possible police force for the township by either attending a future meeting or submitting comments in writing.

The board has discussed multiple options for policing the township, including a joint force with Washington Township and the Borough of Waynesboro and a joint force with the Borough of Greencastle.

Supervisor Samuel Miller said it is important to have public input on the issue to avoid what happended in the 1970s when the public sued the township over its decision to hire a police force.

Supervisor Rick Baer suggested that staff meet with staff from Washington Township and the Borough of Waynesboro Borough while it waits to hear how residents feel about police.

- Kate S. Alexander

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