Frederick man arrested on drug charges at W.Va. club

July 08, 2008

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A Frederick, Md., man who was spotted urinating outside of a club in Martinsburg with an open container of alcohol in his hand early Sunday had several bags of drugs stashed in a body cavity, according to police and Berkeley County Magistrate Court records.

Christopher Darnell Alexander, 27, of 1000J Heather Ridge Drive, Apt. 113, was in Eastern Regional Jail on Monday on a $75,000 bond set by Magistrate Harry L. Snow, according to jail and court records.

Alexander was charged with three felony counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (cocaine, crack cocaine and ecstasy) by Martinsburg Police Department Patrolman D.L. English, records show.

The defendant was discovered outside of the Mix It Up club at 306 Wilson St. at 12:42 a.m. Sunday, according to a news release from the Martinsburg Police Department.


Alexander, who was arrested for having an open container and public intoxication, first handed the officer the alcohol after being asked for his identification, English said in his complaint.

Police found $4,102 in Alexander's possession when he was patted down for the officers' security, according to court records. When police found a cigarette pack, Alexander grabbed it and the money, and told Patrolman S. Shelton that he could not search him, English said in his complaint.

At that point, a struggle between Shelton and Alexander ensued, and both ended up on the ground before English used a Taser to temporarily disable Alexander, according to the complaint.

In a search at the police station, Shelton found 7.7 grams of crack cocaine, 18.3 grams of cocaine "powder" and 10 Ecstasy pills in a plastic bag that was wrapped in a paper towel in one of the man's body cavities, English said in his complaint

Inside the plastic bag, the drugs were divided into four bags, with the crack cocaine divided into 10 packages and the ecstasy divided into two (four and six tablets), according to English's complaint.

When Alexander was asked where he was employed, he told police he laid pipe, then later told them he was on disability and received a monthly check, according to English.

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