Mail Call

July 08, 2008

"Since 2002 my property taxes have increased $200 to $400 each year. This year it increased almost $500. What are people supposed to do when their incomes do not increase anything like that." - Washington County

"The fireworks at the Fairgrounds stank. We were one of many who left soon after they began (a hour late I might add). Thanks for nothing again, City of Hagerstown." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"We went to the fireworks at the Fairgrounds and I just wanted to say that they were terrible. Where we were sitting all you could see was smoke. They started a hour late and then when they started the first ones left a big cloud of smoke that just kept getting bigger and bigger with each of the fireworks being set off. We did not see but only a few that went higher than the smoke and the final ones were a waste. We didn't see anything but a few white sparks. Everyone around us was complaining and some even left right after they began. We stayed hoping they would get better but they did not. What a waste of our time, energy and the taxpayers' money." - Washington County


"Yesterday, I was traveling out Dual Highway just outside of Hagerstown by the old Ames Shopping Center. It's a 25-mph zone there and up behind me came a guy on a moped and zipped passed me. No helmet, no tags no nothing. I caught up behind him just to see how fast he was traveling because of the way he flew by me. Yes, I know, I was also speeding but this guy was doing 48 mph on a moped. He then went flying past vehicles, darting in and out of traffic like he was on a race track. He went right on a red light on Eastern Boulevard without stopping and barely slowing down. If a moped can go that fast, think of what would happen if he crashed, or hit someone from behind or someone would pull out if front of him. Make them licensed, tagged and helmet wearing. This is a must." - Washington County

"Well I would just like to say 'I told you so.' When Gov. Glendening came to town and decided to put the University of Maryland uptown all we have is another white elephant just like the green elephant that's also in town. It's funny to me that the college was never put out with the junior college as much as that place has advanced. At least students can go there and get an education." - Hagerstown

"Hey, do you like those cold drinks in the summer? Well, so does your dog. Throw some ice cubes in his water. He'll love it, my dog does." - Clear Spring

"Would the Sheriff's Department please come out to Beck and Old Forge roads and catch these kids who are flying up and down the road in their 'race' cars. They're going to kill themselves or even worse, someone else. There's a blue Civic, a black Civic and a silver Civic and a black Firebird or Camaro that goes so fast that you barely see them. If not for their very loud and obnoxious exhaust, you probably wouldn't even see them but you can hear them before they even get on Beck Road. Please, send the Sheriff's Department out and stop this." - Washington County

"Thanks to whoever fixed the railroad crossing on Wilson Boulevard. Many, many thanks. It's about time." - Smithsburg

"The tape was not purchased from the Board of Education. It was copied and given to the candidate. It was not to be returned and it was not purchased." - Washington County

"I don't know what to be more afraid of today - the tornados or terrorists."

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