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Letters to the Editor

July 08, 2008

Block party was a success

To the editor:

The excitement began early in the day as Wayne Durban began moving the picnic tables to Hagerstown's Ray Street with his tow truck and neighbors started preparing for the block party. The member of the Locus Point Group are grateful for all the help they received to make the event a successful one. As soon as the Rev. Berry of Full Life Family Ministries asked God's blessing for the community, food became the main concern. Chick-fila, always involved in community efforts, provided the drinks. The City of Hagerstown with its grant for Neighborhoods 1st provided the meat and buns and the tables groaned with the weight of the dishes brought by the members of the community.

Thanks to the businesses that donated door prizes: Potomac Liquors, Denise Kendle Insurance, Potomac Beauty Boutique, and Locust Point Market, which also allowed us to promote from their location.


Thanks to Amy Rice, who provided face painting for the children. (Didn't we see a few men with flags painted on their cheeks?) A special touch for the day was a son home from Iraq who surprised his family with his visit and joined us for the day.

We want to thank the Police of Hagerstown for their bicycle and K-9 demonstrations and the Fire Department which brought us a truck and provided information for fire safety. We want to especially thank the City of Hagerstown for the Neighborhood 1st Program. Its motto, "Living in a better neighborhood without moving," inspired us and enabled us to bring our neighbors together to encourage a clean and safe environment.

Lois DeLisi, President
Lynda Evans, Vice-President
Locust Point
Neighborhoods 1st

What about us?

To the editor:

When is our government going to take care of its citizens instead of brushing us aside?

The United States keeps taxing us for the betterment of government officials and to take care of citizens of other countries - what about us? What about the average person that helps make this country run on a daily basis?

Jennifer Snyder

Not all gold buyers are paying the same prices

To the editor:

We have all heard that the price of gold is up. Well, with the price of gas and everything else going up, I thought I would go through my jewelry box to see what was there. I found a couple of broken bracelets, two rings, three of those long gold chains that everyone wore back in the '80s, and an ankle bracelet. That seemed sufficient enough to get some sort of payment.

So, I had my wonderful husband Carl go down to BBS Jewelers in Greencastle, Pa., to see what I could get. Just an estimate, I didn't want to sell my jewelry just yet! Surprisingly, they offered him about what I had anticipated, $250 at that time in May.

Then, I went online to do a little homework, searching for the best deal. I checked out several sites and thought one site sounded more promising for me. It had all the advertising such as "As seen on TV" (and I had seen the ad on NBC, Forbes Awards Report and Hot 500 Entrepreneur).

Well, I decided to sign up with them. They sent me a flyer and an envelope to put my jewelry in, and said they would insure it for up to $100. I decided that $100 wasn't enough insurance, so I packaged it up myself and insured it for $250.

A week later, I get a check - a check for only $73!

I called them on the phone to see if there was a mistake. She said there was no mistake, that the jewelry was worth that much money and asked if I would hold one moment.

She came back online to tell me that she had just spoken with the owner and he said that a second check could be issued to me for an additional $147. I couldn't believe what I had just heard!

So that would bring the total amount to $220, still $30 less than BBS Jewelers had offered my husband. What if I had never gotten the quote from the jewelry store? I suppose I would have settled for the $73.

After all this, I could have just settled for that, but I asked her if she could just return my jewelry. She told me if I returned the check, that they would then return my jewelry. So that is what I did.

I then took my jewelry back into BBS Jewelers, where they then gave me $300 cash.

This is just to let you know that those larger companies will not always pay you top dollar for your scrap. Don't cut out the middleman. Put your money where it should be, in your pocket.

Debora Piper
Greencastle, Pa.

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