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July 07, 2008

Last week's question:

The City of Hagerstown has paid $48,000 for the services of some lobbyists over the last six months, but so far has received no grant money. Should the city government:

· Terminate the contract. - 45 votes (43 percent)

· Wait a while. Rome wasn't built in a day. - 8 votes (8 percent)

· Bring them to a City Council meeting and give them the third degree. - 8 votes (8 percent)

· Tie the money they get to the results they achieve. - 39 votes (37 percent)

· Don't worry about it. They're the experts. - 5 votes (5 percent)

This week's question:

In this economy, ordinary citizens must cut back. To do its part, where should state and local governments do?

· Lay off employees.

· Trim workers' benefits.

· Order workers to use their own cars, whether they're "on call" or not.


· Cut the work week to 35 hours - and employees' pay accordingly.

· Do nothing; government needs all the people it's got to serve the public.

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