Mail Call

July 07, 2008

"I'm calling for voters who say they will vote for Obama for president. He says he has all this experience to be president. Would you tell me what he has accomplished - not what he says he has done as a senator, but what he has done, not what he promises. Talk is cheap, but we know also that Hillary Clinton said that he had no experience when she was running against him, but now that he's the one with the nomination, she says ... I seem to think that politicians lie and do anything to get their party in, whether it's the truth or not." - Boonsboro

"I can't believe that the town of Williamsport wants to take the funding away from the Boy Scouts. One article praised them for cleaning up the Springfield Run, and now taking their funds away is sort of like a slap in the face. Maybe the councilmen can don their boots, get out their rakes and shovels, and do it themselves, and see how easy it is. I can make a bet it won't be done, and they'll use their funds for some other worthless ..." - Hagerstown


"I'm tired of reading how the school breakfasts and lunch aren't free. I'm a taxpayer, also, and I'm delighted to know some poor hungry kids can get a free meal, no matter who's paying for it - a meal that these kids who normally wouldn't get fed every day can get a decent meal if they want to. Why are some people so selfish and cold-hearted?" - Hagerstown

"Hey, BOE, I thought football, high school football, started Aug. 15. When I drive around town, I see it everywhere. So Aug. 15 is a meaningless date, because you guys are practicing now. Oh, I know, it's unorganized, and only dads and assistant coaches are maintaining practice, but this is really practice. Can't you wait until Aug. 15? Those are the rules. Everybody at the BOE is upset at parochial schools; well, you're doing the same things." - Hagerstown

"Thanks to the wisdom of our political leaders at all levels, city, county, state and federal, we now have an airport without air service, a university with a few students, and an ice skating rink without skaters. What else can they find to do with our tax dollars?" - Smithsburg

"I'm curious to know if anyone else that lives around the Sharpsburg area experiences power outages throughout the day. Sometimes during the week, your power will just go out once, real briefly, and then come right back on. Sometimes it happens every day, sometimes it happens a few days in a row. It doesn't always occur, but it constantly shuts down everything in the house, including computers and major appliances, which then experience problems. I'm just curious if anybody else is experiencing these power outages." - Sharpsburg

"My aunt was at Robinwood on Tuesday at 6 a.m. to take my grandmother in for a procedure, and during that time, my aunt was having a heart attack, and luckily there was an older couple there who spotted my aunt and called 911 and basically saved her life. Nobody got their name, but if you read this, I want to thank you very much, because you saved my aunt's life. Thank you, and have a great day." - Hagerstown

"I was curious as why you never print anything I call in about. I called in about asking for the Do Not Call numbers. I called in last week to tell you that I just now got my Verizon phone book, even though they're supposed to be recalling them, and I got another one in the mail today. Now I have two in my mailbox. That's ridiculous, but at least I'll guess I'll get two $5 rebates then, huh?"

"I just talked to my oil company. Oil is $4.50 a gallon - that means heating oil. What in the world are we gonna do? The retirees on the fixed income, there's no way. Something's got to be done about this, one way or the other." - Hagerstown

"I am calling to alert the residents of Williamsport that Bowman 2000 LLC is appealing the zoning decision concerning construction of a much larger Sheetz store on the Red Barron warehouse property. The public hearing is Thursday, July 17, at 5:30, in Town Hall. Please, folks, let's have the guts to show up and speak out. Millions of tax dollars and thousands of volunteer hours have been spent restoring the C&O Canal, numerous buildings and our wonderful town park. Tourism is vital to our town and many of the small businesses. The choice is simple. There are already many Sheetz stores, but only one unique historic Williamsport." - Williamsport

"This is on home heating fuel and gas. Here we go, the Congress, senators, I guess they took a vote on this offshore drilling. I can't understand the Democrats. They talk about independence from foreign countries, foreign oil, but yet they won't pass a bill where we can have offshore drilling. So when election time comes up, you voters out there need to get rid of the Democrats, because they're the ones holding us up in the U.S. and costing American people money." - Hagerstown

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