Mail Call

July 04, 2008

"Hero - such an interesting word, hero. Shouldn't be any question about whether John McCain's a hero. John McCain, as well as Private John Nobody, is a hero if they served as a prisoner of war during any conflict that involved our country." - Smithsburg

"I'm watching the news tonight, and Gen. Wesley Clark, who was released from his job, is saying John McCain wasn't a patriot. His dad was an admiral in the Navy, and he was a fighter pilot in the Navy during the Vietnam war. He got shot down, he spent five and a half years in a POW camp. What would you call a patriot?" - Williamsport

"People who are pointing fingers, when you point a finger, three are pointing back at you. We need to stop criticizing and go with our choices. Our choices are McCain or Obama. Go with those choices. Vote for one or the other. Quit criticizing."


"The government keeps claiming they want to help us out on the gas prices and all these wonderful things. I've got one way they could help: Eliminate unnecessary fees, such as car registration, Chesapeake Bay fees, emissions testing, mandatory insurance, or uninsured, $150 plus $7 a day. All these unnecessary fees could be eliminated, and maybe the people could finally put food on their tables." - Hagerstown

"The sailors that are on the front page of The Herald-Mail; the one that bin Laden had to kill these boys and injure 47 others that were on that ship has been released from Guantanamo Bay. Isn't that interesting? We can thank the liberal Democrats for that, because they didn't want those poor men locked up. Now we lost 47 men. Now this I think was the last terrorist act under the Clinton - this is when Osama bin Laden said Americans were paper tigers, when he laughed when he had the ship blown up, because Bill Clinton did nothing. So much for patriotism." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Regarding the closing of the Funkstown bridge, I venture to say none of the County Commissioners use the bridge daily or weekly, so they have no idea or care less the inconvenience of detouring, plus the extra gas needed to take another route. The businesses along that route will definitely be affected, and it seems to me the temporary bridge would solve the problem. If you had pursued the temporary bridge idea months ago, you would have your right-of-ways and all the other things needed to proceed with the temporary bridge. It would be interesting to see just how many motorists will be ... once again we have a group of County Commissioners who are not serving the needs of the constituents. Election time is coming."

"I am calling about the black bear in Williamsport. Never, never give a bear food. Bears are very smart, and he will not forget that doughnut. It is the behavior on our part that causes black bears to become domesticated, and eventually they attack humans or they have to be destroyed. If you see a bear, stay clear and make lots of loud noises to scare him off, firing blanks if necessary."

"I was reading Mail Call this morning, July 1, and I agree 100 percent with the person that called in about having alcoholic beverages at The Maryland Theatre. I think it's totally ridiculous that we have to have alcohol at any function, such as the blues festival. That was mighty disgusting when we were down there, when we had friends to take down from out of town. We don't need alcoholic beverages for entertainment. I would like to also add it'd be great if we could bring the fair back to Hagerstown fairgrounds, and some craft shows, such as Williamsport C&O Canal and etc." - Hagerstown

"Did anybody happen to get their Washington County real estate property tax bill? This is outrageous. We also got a nice little letter from the excise tax task force, which was established by the Board of County Commissioners in June 2007. Today is July 1, and they had a hearing in mid-June 2008, with information expected on July 1, 2008. Seeing as I just got my bill today, this means deadlines have already passed. This is wonderful, Maryland. Thank you, Washington County."

"Fairfax County, Virginia's plan to intervene in their 'mortgage crisis' will ultimately lead to disaster. The least costly, least disruptive, most fair and just solution is to 'leave it to the marketplace.'" - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I can't see why everybody's complaining about $4 a gallon for gas. It's better gas, isn't it?" - Hagerstown

"Well, I'm amazed that someone did not shoot the black bear in downtown Williamsport. After all, Maryland does support that horrendous sport of black bear hunting. When black bear hunting season comes around, I shudder. It makes me sick to see these beautiful animals killed for no reason other than sport." - Clear Spring

"Yeah, I was calling about the school lunches. The caller from Clear Spring wanted to know why they would have lunch at both schools next to each other, instead of one. My question is why do all three schools have to have a library, when they have a library right on campus?" - Clear Spring

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