Fireworks can terrify pets

humane society offers tips

July 03, 2008|By HEATHER KEELS

While Fourth of July fireworks can be beautiful and exciting to people, the Humane Society of Washington County is warning that they often are terrifying to pets.

"I don't think that fireworks and pets are a good mix for most animals," Longmeadow Animal Hospital veterinarian Tracy Barlup said in a humane society press release. "It is beyond their comprehension and oftentimes very scary."

Previously content dogs have been known to dig under fences, break through glass windows and run out doors to get away from the frightening noise and flash of fireworks, humane society spokeswoman Katherine Cooker said. Typically, the humane society takes in more stray dogs during the days after the Fourth of July than any other time of year, Cooker said.

The humane society recommends the following steps for protecting pets this holiday weekend:

· Leave your pet at home.

· Make sure your pet is secure.

· If you know the noise will disturb your pets, stay at home with them.


· Close all drapes, blinds and window shades.

· Leave the TV or stereo on to provide some familiar background sounds.

· Make sure their favorite blanket or toy is nearby for comfort.

· Consider consulting their veterinarian to see if he or she can prescribe calming agents.

· Consider purchasing a "Comfort Zone" spray or plug. The product contains calming pheromones similar to those produced by a puppy's mother.

n Be sure your pet is wearing current identification.

n If your pet gets loose, report it to the Humane Society of Washington County.

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