Spring Show is prep work for summer ag show season

July 01, 2008

On June 21, the Washington County Agricultural and Education Center hosted the annual Western Maryland 4-H/FFA District Show.

This event is an opportunity for youth to showcase their animals before the summer fair season begins. Although the show is judged, it is designed to be a learning experience, as the youth receive advice from judges.

Youth from Allegany, Garrett and Washington counties participated in the event. These counties take turns hosting the event each year. Next year the show will be hosted in Allegany County. Twenty-one youth exhibited rabbits, dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and goats. This show would not have been possible without the support of many 4-H volunteers and exhibitors.

The champions are listed below:

Dairy showmanship

Dairy shows judged by Denny Remsberg

Junior Champion - Cory DeBaugh

Intermediate Champion -Carol DeBaugh

Senior Champion - Tracey Forsythe

Overall Champion - Tracey Forsythe


Dairy Breed Shows

Brown Swiss

Grand and Reserve Grand Champion - Cory DeBaugh


Grand and Reserve Grand Champion - Tracey Forsythe


Junior Champion - Kaitlyn Corbett Jr.

Reserve Champion - Tracey Forsythe

Senior Champion - Carol DeBaugh Sr.

Reserve Champion - Cory DeBaugh

Overall Grand Champion - Carol DeBaugh

Overall Reserve Grand Champion - Cory DeBaugh

Supreme Overall Grand Champion - Carol DeBaugh

Dairy Market Steers

Dairy market steers judged by Sam Hunter

Grand Champion - Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Champion - Erin Corbett


Rabbits Judged by Curtis Uzelac

Grand Champion and Champion Showman - Alex Albright


Sheep judged by Ryan Bennett

Junior Fitting and Showing

Junior Champion - Matthew Burcker

Reserve Champion - Tyler Poffenberger

Intermediate Fitting and Showing

Champion - Madi Gallagher

Reserve Champion - Erin Corbett

Senior Fitting and Showing

Top Honors - Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Champion - Erin Canfield


Overall Winner - Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Overall Winner - Madi Gallagher

Lamb Breed

Lamb Breed judged by Ryan Bennett

Champion - Erin Canfield

Reserve Champion - Erin Canfield

Market Lamb

Grand Champion - Katherine McCormick

Reserve Champion - Matthew Burcker

Beef Cattle

Beef cattle judged by Karen Holloway


Intermediate Champion - McCall Griffith

Reserve Champion - Shane Heizer

Senior Champion - Patrick Heizer

Overall Champion - McCall Griffith

Market Steer

Grand Champion - Shane Heizer

Reserve Champion - Shane Heizer

Beef Breeding

Angus Senior Yearling

First and Champion - Shane Heizer

Simmental Junior Heifer

First - McCall Griffith

Senior Yearling

First - McCall Griffith

Champion - McCall Griffith

3-year old Cow

First - McCall Griffith

Goat Show

Goat show judged by Kathleen Musser


Junior Champion - Noah Martz

Junior Reserve Champion - Desiray Brown

Intermediate Champion -Madi Gallagher

Intermediate Reserve Champion - Shawnta' Orenburg

Senior Champion - Cat Carrico

Senior Reserve Champion - Katherine McCormick

Overall Champion - Cat Carrico

Overall Reserve Champion - Madi Gallagher

Market Goat

Champion - Katherine McCormick

Reserve Champion - Noah Martz

Dairy Goat

Champion - Desiray Brown

Reserve Champion - Noah Martz


Dry Yearling

Champion - Shawnta' Rodenberg


Champion - Cat Carrico

Reserve Champion - Cat Carrico

Best of Show - Cat Carrico

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