Waynesboro band Profits from onstage battle in Hagerstown

June 30, 2008|By HEATHER KEELS

HAGERSTOWN - Waynesboro, Pa., alternative rock band Dimestore Profit won a Fender guitar, a paid gig at Cancun Cantina and a big boost in fame at Sunday's Bud Light Concert Series Battle of the Bands, organized by radio station WQCM and hosted at Cancun Cantina West on Dual Highway in Hagerstown.

"This is awesome for us," said Dimestore Profit guitar and keyboard player Christian Harper, 20, of Waynesboro, who said the band had never played for such a large crowd.

Dimestore Profit was chosen over four other local bands by a panel of four judges, who rated each on audience participation, technical skills, vocals, musical ability and stage presence, Cancun Cantina owner Jennifer Hare said. Dimestore Profit came out ahead of the runner-up, Blind Dog, by 16 points, Hare said.

The other bands chosen by WQCM for the contest were Sickle Eye, Steel Rose and Stif.

"It was kind of close up until the last band," said one of the judges, a Colorado musician who goes by "Peep."


By the time Dimestore Profit started its second song, Peep said she knew it would be the winner.

"The stage is where they belong," she said, adding that she was impressed by the fact that no one member of the band dominated the show.

The band has been performing under the name Dimestore Profit since about January 2007, but it has seen a lot of turnover since then, with three members recently leaving, Harper said. The band's new drummer, Steve Hockenberry, 19, of Mercersburg, Pa., just joined in May, he said.

Still, when the crowd on the dance floor shouted "We want more" following the band's winning encore, the band responded confidently with a cover song, despite having practiced it only four times with Hockenberry.

Harper described the band's music as "modern alternative rock," listing Green Day and Weezer as influences.

"I think they appeal to a large crowd," said fan Kayla Carbaugh, 21, of Waynesboro. "Any covers of songs they do sound exactly like the band."

Hare said the all-ages event successfully drew new bands and a large crowd of new customers to the club.

"I hope to have all the bands back," she said.

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