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June 30, 2008

Last week's question:

Should a Washington County County School Board candidate who purchased a tape of a public meeting have to return it because it might be a factor in a lawsuit?

· No, it's a ridiculous request. It was a public meeting, for goodness sakes. - 28 votes (64 percent)

· No, not unless a judge says the tape should be returned. - Seven votes (16 percent)

· No, it was the School Board's decision to release it. Why bail out the system? - Eight votes (18 percent)

· Yes, when the School Board asks citizens to help out, they should fall in line, no questions asked. Zero votes (0 percent)

· Yes, because there are more important issues facing School Board candidates. - One vote (2 percent)


· I don't recall the original story mentioning this, so I'm hoping someone can help me understand: You mean to tell me that the staff of the WCBOE isn't smart enough to make copies of tapes to fulfill FOIA requests? They didn't have the foresight to keep the original? Who cares if she has a copy! Both parties involved have already said that a lawsuit is not likely to come out of the situation as it is.


· It would do as much good as returning phone books that mistakenly included unlisted phone numbers. I don't believe the FOIA says that information is to be released unless it might be involved in a lawsuit. In fact, documents requested in an FOIA request often bring about or support a lawsuit. If they gave the original away in error, make a copy and give them back their original, if it is considered government property.

This week's question:

The City of Hagerstown has paid $48,000 for the services of some lobbyists over the last six months, but so far has received no grant money. Should the city government:

· Terminate the contract.

· Wait a while. Rome wasn't built in a day.

· Bring them to a City Council meeting and give them the third degree.

· Tie the money they get to the results they achieve.

· Don't worry about it. They're the experts.

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