Letters to the Editor

June 28, 2008

Where was Bartlett when Hancock suffered?

To the editor:

I was compelled to write this letter after reading an article in The Herald-Mail on May 31, "Bartlett looks at firing of director of health center." As is now public record, Dr. Matthew Hahn, the director of the center, was fired on May 31. Since that time there has been a flood of public backlash over the firing of Dr. Hahn.

While I have no idea if Tri-State Community Health Center had good reason to terminate Dr. Hahn or not, it is clear that the people of the Hancock area like him very much.

In addition, I have no problem with Rep. Roscoe Bartlett looking into the issue. Matter of fact, it is rather nice to see that Bartlett has discovered that the town of Hancock is within his district. In addition, I am glad to see that he may want to help save this man's job.


My main question is why it has taken Bartlett so long to discover that Washington County is part of the 6th District of Maryland, which the people elected him to represent.

I would ask the congressman where he was when hundreds of people lost their jobs at Rayloc earlier this year, where was he when hundreds lost their jobs at Fleetwood and where was he when the tannery was closed down and those jobs shipped out of the country.

What has Bartlett done for the 6th District in general and Washington County in particular? For that fact where is this Congress (both parties) when the people of this country are hurting; what are they doing about the continued devaluation of the dollar?

What are they doing about the ever-increasing cost of fuel, not just gasoline but home heating fuel, natural gas and electricity? They seem not concerned that the middle class is shrinking more every day and that the poor are getting poorer.

What are they doing about the ever-increasing cost of health care and the 40 million uninsured people of this great country?

What have they done to fund the ill-conceived No Chlid Left Behind Act, and, in fac,t why have they not either overhauled/or repealed the bill that has left so many children behind?

What have they done to improve the schools that our children and grandchildren attend? What have they done about the ever-increasing trade deficit?

Why do they continue to allow China to send our children toys that can cause them harm and tainted medicine that might kill some and pet food that might harm our pets?

Why do they continue to grant Most Favorite Nation status to this country? What are they doing about the continued increasing federal debt, now at more than $9 trillion? What have they done about the $3 trillion trade deficit and the millions of jobs lost to other countries?

Finally, yet just as important, when are they going to have the political will to end this war in Iraq and go after the terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001?

When do the families of those murdered that day see justice for their loss? When do we stop spending money in Iraq to rebuild their highways, bridges, schools and hospitals while ours here go in need of repair or close down?

Bartlett has been a part of this Congress for the last 16 years. What has he done to solve any of these issues? Is this the way you want to be represented in the U.S. Congress? Are you better off today than you were two years ago or, for that matter, 16 years ago?

Do those in the U.S. Congress represent your will in the performance of their jobs? Do you want our national debt passed on to your grandchild-ren? Do you want more jobs exported over seas? Do you want countries such as China to continue to send tainted products to our children and seniors? Do you want the terrorists to go free and not face American justice? Do you want to continue to spend more of your paycheck at the gas pumps and the grocery stores?

If you like the direction our country is headed and you are OK with the above then re-elect Bartlett or elect Ms. Dougherty. Either one of them will give you more of the same -more partisan politics, more special-interest and corporate lobbyists writing the laws that benefit only them.

If you are looking for real change and not just changing from a Republican or Democrat, then join my campaign and together we will change the country. I can only do this with your help and we owe that to our children and grandchildren.

Gary W. Hoover Sr.
Libertarian candidate
Clear Spring

Teens can help plan for natural disasters

To the editor:

We need to make sure that our families implement a plan to ensure survival and safety when disaster strikes, especially since hurricane season is here. I believe that specifically delegating partial responsibility for family preparedness to teenagers in the home comes from my realization that the majority of teenagers are dynamic and determined to make a positive contribution within society. It is important that we start with the family, the fundamental unit of society.

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