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Fun times always in the cards for Oldies But Goodies at Fairplay church

June 26, 2008|By MARLO BARNHART

FAIRPLAY - Carolyn Seburn has been a member of the Oldies But Goodies group at her church for about five years.

"We stress the Goodies part rather than the Oldies," she said. Most of the members are 60-ish and older, but no one checks IDs.

One Sunday a month, the group of 20 to 25 members and friends of the Manor Church of the Brethren stay after services to share a carry-in meal, fellowship and whatever else they can get into.

The activities that follow depend entirely on preferences of the members, said Pastor Joy Zepp, who often attends the get-together with her husband, Bill.


"At this church, we do things for kids, so someone suggested we do something for older folks, too," Zepp said of the roots of the group.

Initially, the activity was on a Saturday afternoon, also beginning with a meal. But having it after church on Sundays helps the members conserve gas and also cuts down on the church's utility costs since the heat or air conditioning are on anyway on Sundays.

Some of the members play card games, including "500" and "Golf," while others enjoy board games.

"I was invited to come and play '500' cards," said Mildred Price, Joy Zepp's mother. Sometimes, the card players stay as late as 6 p.m. if the games are good.

Nancy Youngblood also is a devoted card player whose favorite game is "500." Once the hands were dealt, Youngblood focused all of her attention on the game.

"I love to play cards," she said.

On a recent Sunday, there were two tables of four playing "500," while others were into other card games.

Ron Hays volunteers to oversee kitchen operations for the events. Working in Rockville, Md., Hays said he has enjoyed playing cards with the group since it began.

"I've been a member of this church for 51 years," said Dick Forcino. His wife, Carol Ann, is a pianist at the church and used to attend the Oldies But Goodies with her husband.

Recently though, Carol Ann's health has been keeping her away.

"I come and eat, then I fix a plate for Carol Ann and I go," Forcino said.

The meal is a variety of homemade entrees, side dishes and desserts. The church provides the plates and makes the iced tea.

But it's the company that's important.

Some are couples, while others are singles who have lost their mates, Zepp said.

"Some come with sisters and brothers-in-law, like Margie Anders," she said.

Anders said she enjoys the food, the fellowship and the cards.

Marilyn and Ronald Frost were married in the church by former Pastor Loyal Vanderveer.

"We come to play 'Golf' - a game where two cards are dealt face up and four face down," Marilyn Frost said. Through finesse and skill, players draw and discard cards until the player with the lowest score wins.

Zepp said she loves that the Oldies But Goodies manage to get along with each other despite their differences.

"They are a great bunch, many of whom don't just serve at church activities, but wherever there is a need in the community," she said.

The church also has a fellowship meal for all ages on the first Sunday of each month, Zepp said.

This Sunday, a church picnic marking the end of Vacation Bible School will be at the District 12 Ruritan Park.

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