UpStaged - New business for June 22

June 22, 2008

Name of business: UpStaged Inc.

Owner: Amanda Shade

Location: Martinsburg, W.Va.

Opening date: June 2007

Products and services: Staging to sell, home organization, interior decoration, exterior design, seasonal/holiday window display, new home and business setup, and event planning

Market area: Tri-State

How did you get into your business, or what motivated you to start it?: "This business more or less chose me. I lived in military housing at the time and set up my home. I started meeting neighbors and making friends who would come over and look around in my home. Basically, they would take a tour of my house. They always commented about how warm and inviting it was to come over.


"I was asked by a neighbor if I would come and help set up their home in order to help them utilize their space. I did it for fun, and it wasn't until 2005, that I found it was called staging.

"I relocated back to my hometown of Martinsburg in the summer of 2007 and started UPSTAGED Inc. I am fully licensed and insured. I love what I do, and I think when you reach that point in your business, it shows in everything you touch."

Previous business experience: Fifteen years of landscape and floral design; nine years of home organization, staging and setup; and 15 years of seasonal/holiday window display.

Number of employees: One

Hours: By appointment

Telephone: 540-336-9975

Web site:

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