Mail Call

June 20, 2008

"Kudos to David Schreiver of the Hagerstown City water and sewer department. I just moved into Hagerstown, on Summit Avenue, on May 1. Within two weeks I had discovered a sewer problem, with sewage backing up into my basement. I called Mr. Schreiver on a Monday morning at 7 a.m. He was there by 7:10 a.m. - 10 minutes later - and within an hour he had a crew digging up that sewer line. If this is the level of service and commitment I can expect from the City of Hagerstown, I'm very pleased to be a new resident."

"I would like to know when the City of Hagerstown will clean Concord Street in the West End. It has been almost six months since the last half-hearted attempt to clean the street was performed. I think it's time again." - Hagerstown

"The 'Do you know who I am?' lady, aka Kelly Cromer, has an arrogance that gives all politicians and elected officials a bad name. Tim Rowland, we thoroughly enjoyed your column in Tuesday's paper. We couldn't stop laughing. Keep up the good work." - Martinsburg, W.Va.


"In reference to officials driving government cars home, the federal government has a policy that all employees are not allowed to use cars for personal use. This has been illegal at the federal level for years, so precedence has been set, and all federal government workers manage to get to work on time." - Hagerstown

"I just loved the take that Tim Rowland had on the Kelly Cromer episode. Now I'm just wondering, when is the next election, so we can all just forget who she is?" - Hagerstown

"I heard Democrat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blaming Republicans for the high price of gas. I'm sorry, he's the president of Iran, but when he speaks and the Democrats speak, it's hard to tell the two apart." - Halfway

"The question was 'Do you know who I am?' The question should be 'Who do you think you are?' Kelly Cromer got pulled over for a speeding ticket. If I can get pulled over for a speeding ticket, why can't she? If I am that stupid to speed anywhere, I should get a ticket. Why shouldn't she? And why would she want to do something that stupid? Didn't her friend from the council just get in trouble for something stupid? Why do people with authority think they are any better than us little people?" - Hagerstown

"I'm really upset with the prices of gas at this particular time, and I'm even more upset with people on both sides of the aisle in Congress arguing over whose fault it is, if it's George Bush's fault or if it's the speculators' fault, or if it's supply-and-demand's fault. The bottom line is we have to fix the gas prices, and the only way to truly get gas prices under control is to raise taxes on gas. This answer is plain to anyone that really knows how gas works, and Congress is too afraid to actually admit the truth. Taxes on gas have to be raised in order to get these prices under control." - Halfway

"Again, the police in this town let one of our city officials off the hook. We let one city official off the hook when they didn't get their tags renewed. Now this one's speeding down our streets, and as usual, they get off the hook. This town's getting fed up with police letting anybody who they think is someone - including police officers and attorneys and council people - off the hook, and everybody else has to pay their fines."

"In reference to Page A6 on the 17th, 'Iowa flood waters spread poisonous brew.' Nice article they picked up from the national news, but isn't it funny where they just had this debacle the other day with all the Katrina clothes and everything else, $85 million that they could have given to the Katrina victims. They gave it away to government agencies. Why couldn't they have used it for here? And where's Bush, Cheney, and FEMA now? You don't even see them mentioned in the newspaper." - Leitersburg

"In reference to the Cromer incident with the Hagerstown city policeman, I think it's really ridiculous for people such as Tim Rowland along with other people who like to kick a person when they're down. I would like to see people write letters criticizing him. You editors and reporters like to make a big deal out of nothing and all." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Isn't this ridiculous that our Hagerstown City Council approved spending $24,000 of our money to put a chain-link fence around the old municipal light plant? When are we as citizens of this city going to get rid of these people that don't care how much of our money they spend, that we're not able to even exist in this town? What is the matter with us? Are we afraid of these people? Get rid of them, including the mayor." - Hagerstown

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