Greencastle-Antrim School board OKs staff salary increases

June 20, 2008|By CHRIS CARTER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Greencastle-Antrim School District on Thursday night approved blanket salary and compensation packages in its last board meeting of the 2007-08 school year.

In separate votes, the board unanimously approved a support staff salary package and an administrator compensation plan, which both take effect on July 1.

In the support staff package, employees will receive a 4 percent increase, moving each into 10 newly classified job bands that are based on 10 factors.

"Ninety-nine percent of them depend on seniority," said Superintendent C. Gregory Hoover. "It is more than a typical 4 percent increase for most."


Each band consists of a minimum, median and maximum hourly rate as suggested by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

Currently, 107 of 181 staff support positions are below the proposed hourly rates. If employees reach the maximum hourly rate for their job band - there are currently five - then they will receive a $350 lump sum in place of salary increases.

Inside each job band, minimum rates will increase 2 percent each year and the median and maximum rates will adjust accordingly.

Hoover said the lowest hourly rate for a part-time support staff employee will be $8 and for a full-time employee $8.40. The change could mean up to a $1.25 raise for employees who make only the state minimum wage.

"Most everyone will see a raise on the support staff," Hoover said. "For some it will be a significant pay raise, but for others it won't be as much because they already fall into the band."

Also as part of the plan, insurance waiver reimbursements have been eliminated. The approximately $15,000 per year that is spent will be used for training and satisfaction improvements of the support staff.

ยท The administrative compensation plan - Act 93 - affects 13 administrators inside the school distinct, including the nine principals and assistant principals.

It also applies to Bob Crider, director of curriculum and instruction; Mary Frey, director of accountability and data management; Molly Moran, director of reading/federal program; and Ed Wengerd, director of special education.

The three-year plan indicates a first-year salary increase of 3.08 percent and second- and third-year increases of 3.5 percent. The 2008-09 cumulative salary in the administrative plan of $1,038,019 will increase by $74,421 in 2010-11.

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