Pulse poetry

June 17, 2008|By LEV YERMOLENKO

"The Lonely One"

Torrents of rain
Fall down to the earth.
He hides his pain
As he has since his birth.
Shunned by one,Hated by all,
He tries to run
But starts to fall.
Known is he
By one and many
As the Lonely One.

"Time's Journey"

Time is a mistress
Unkind to all
Who makes kingdoms rise
And their rulers fall.
But as she progresses
She never grows old
And she blesses great heroes
Of legends untold.


As waves pass on into the shore
I realize a sadness.
That friends are not as close to you
As the world is to madness.
But yet I know and yet I see
That they stand ever by me
Through the endless deeps of tossing seas
And the troubles that defy me.

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