Dads talk about day set aside for them

June 15, 2008

TRI-STATE -- Today is Father's Day, and to celebrate fathers in the Tri-State area, we asked some dads about their plans for the day and their ideal Father's Day. Here is what they said.

George Kendrick, 81, Hagerstown

How many kids: Two daughters and one son

Father's Day plans: "Go to Mountain Gate (Restaurant). It's a nice place to eat."

Ideal Father's Day: "Spending time with my daughters, going out, maybe go to a ballgame."

Best Father's Day gift: "Love and affection from my daughters."

-- Angelica Roberts

Randy Roof, 43, Hagerstown

How many kids: One son.

Father's Day plans: "I have to work. I work for Good Humor/Breyers."


Ideal Father's Day: "Not having to work and spending time with my family. I'm very family-oriented."

Best gift received: "A kiss from my son."

Ever received any neckties? Never for Father's Day. I own a lot of ties to begin with."

-- Josh Shaw

Richard Snider, 37, Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

How many children: Three daughters

Ideal Father's Day: "Spending my day golfing, swimming, hanging out with my kids and eating steaks."

Weirdest Father's Day gift: "My weirdest gift was probably a Pittsburgh Stealers apron. I didn't think it was weird at the time, but looking back, it was probably a little weird."

Best Father's Day gift: "My favorite gift was a plaster cast molding of my kids' hands."

Father's Day traditions: "Having dinner with my family."

-- Autumn Papajohn

Eric Pinchak, 32, from Ocean City, Md., but now lives in Hagerstown

How many kids: One son who is 11 months old

Father's Day plans: "Just being with my son. I'm just happy to be a father."

Thought on receiving neckties as gift: "I don't want to get any as gifts."

Future family tradition: "Want to have a cookout with my family every year."

-- Josh Shaw

Tim Maclay, 48, Shippensburg, Pa.

How would you describe your ideal Father's Day? "Just relax and not have to do any work. Not have to take out the trash ... Go out to eat."

What is the weirdest or most unique gift you have received for Father's Day? "I can't think of any. I've always done pretty well."

What is the best gift? "This watch," he said, showing off a Bulova he received about five years ago.

How many ties have you received on Father's Day? "Six or eight."

-- Don Aines

Brett McKoy, 40, Hagerstown

How many kids: Seven.

Ideal Father's Day: "Morning worship, lunch afterwards, just enjoying the day with my family. My wife will cook out on the grill and we spend time by the pool."

Best Father's Day gift: "Spending time with my family. Nothing materialistic."

Do you get a lot of ties? "No, not for Father's Day, but I do get some for my birthday."

-- Josh Shaw

James Vigil, 41, Shepherdstown, W.Va.

How many children: One son

Ideal Father's Day: "Really, I just like relaxing and not doing anything. I don't make a big deal out of Father's Day or holidays like that. I spend time with my son if he's available, but otherwise, I just take it easy."

Weirdest Father's Day gift: "Probably the gift I think I'm getting this year, which is a toaster."

Favorite gift: "Any time I can spend with my son is the best gift."

-- Autumn Papajohn

Sonny Heon, 45, Hagerstown

How many kids: Two sons and one daughter.

Ideal Father's Day: "Spending it with my kids."

Most ridiculous Father's Day gift: "An orange tie ... I still got the tie."

Best Father's Day gift: "A PlayStation 2."

-- Angelica Roberts

John McFadden, 30, McConnellsburg, Pa.

How would you describe your ideal Father's Day? "It would be nice to have a day off. I'm a farmer, so I work seven days a week ... Sleep in. Have a big breakfast. Play with the kids."

What is the weirdest or most unique gift you have received for Father's Day? "A weird gift for me would be a tie."

What is the best gift? "My daughter made me a card one year."

How many ties have you received on Father's Day? "None."

-- Don Aines

Don Conlay, 41, Hagerstown

How many kids: Three daughters and one son.

Father's Day plans: "I'll probably go out to dinner, then goof off for the rest of the day."

Ideal Father's Day: "To be able to spend the day with my family, like this year."

Best Father's Day gift: "A Mickey Mouse tie."

-- Angelica Roberts

Charles Sekula, 62, Hagerstown

How many kids: One son, one daughter and three grandchildren.

Father's Day plans: "Working. I work seven days a week."

Ideal Father's Day: "My ideal Father's Day is spending your time and day with your family."

Best Father's Day gift: "Little notes from the granddaughters."

-- Angelica Roberts

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