Letters to the Editor

June 14, 2008

What 'comfort zone?'

To the editor:

Many times you have heard, "Get out of your comfort zone and do something." This stirs up my righteous indignation and I think, "What comfort zone?" They make it sound like you are living on easy street with no problems.

We struggle with stuff and things from childhood to senior years and it doesn't stop there. Growing up is hard work. Marriage is hard work. Parenting is hard work. Educating is hard work. Daily jobs are hard work. Remaining positive amid negative is hard work. Living with illness is hard work. Walking through that valley with loved ones is hard work. Loving those who dislike you is hard work.

Forgiving hurts and wrongs can be hard work but it must be done if we are to have our sins forgiven. Just getting out of bed can be hard work. Even hard work can falter and fail leaving one confused and devastated, but somewhere along the way it will have the victory and we can say, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."


Frances Moats

After-hours vet care needed

To the editor:

I'm going to tell you a story that happened to my wife and me on May 20. At 10:16 p.m., my wife went downstairs to get us a snack. She hollered up and told me to come down quickly. I went down and on the coffee table was my cat, Sugar, shaking and relieving herself - she was dying.

I couldn't get hold of my vet; so, we tried every vet in the book. We either got an answering machine or an answering service that told us to go to Frederick! I was beside myself. I wrapped her in a towel and held her; all the while she was gasping for air and every once in a while she'd kick.

I know this is graphic and people don't want to read it, but you gotta read it! Like people, pets just don't die or get sick from 9 to 5. This is why we need a vet med center here, like Frederick. We need one vet on call after hours. All I wanted was one shot to put my little girl out of pain, but instead it took her an hour and a half to die. Go to Frederick? You'd really want two bleary eyed-people going 70 mph over two mountains not knowing where they were going? Come on people!

You mean to tell me we've got the best Democratic minds on the city council and the best Republican minds on the county commission and we can't figure out how to do this? You have one vet on call every other week until you find a staff to keep it open 24/7. You're building a new hospital hoping new doctors will come to the area. So why not everyone figure out how and where to start a vet med center and see if new vets will come.

In closing, all I can say is I don't want what happened to us to happen to other pet owners. So instead of building homes no one can afford, or another shopping mall that no one can afford to go to, how about using a patch of land or an empty building and give our pets a chance to get care and die in peace?

Rodney A. Guessford

Fight 'O'Mao-ley' at every turn

To the editor:

I completely agree with the sentiments expressed by Phillip Baker-Shenk in his letter of May 19 regarding The Herald-Mail's hysterical reaction to Del. Chris Shank's opposition to the party in Annapolis. Shank is my representative, and he is doing everything that I elected him to do: Oppose Chairman Martin O'Mao-ley and the other party members who currently run the People's Republic of Maryland.

Why do the editors of The Herald-Mail think that appeasing a tyrant is a good idea? To paraphrase, are crumbs such as the University System of Maryland in Hagerstown so sweet that they should be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

Shank should not only go on opposing the majority in Annapolis who would tax and regulate us into oblivion, he should also consider drafting a call for Western Marylanders to meet to consider the question of withdrawing from the State of Maryland and, as did our West Virginia neighbors 145 years ago, form our own sovereign state.

Austin Gisriel

Obama just another McGovern

To the editor:

Well it took a nutty white "preacher" and 20 years, but Sen. Barack Obama has finally left his racist, hate-spreading "church." First it was Wright, Grandma and now the church - it is getting crowded under the bus.

Obama still calls Wright and Michael Pfleger friends, and stands by them. This again calls into question Obama's judgment. His circle of friends includes American-hating racists Bill Ayers, his wife and the indicted Tony Resko. Of course Obama's wife Michelle is not helping him win voters over with her left-wing comments about whites and America.

The bottom line is that everyone has the right to express their hate, but the court of public opinion also has the right to express its reaction. Middle-class whites and women are running away from Obama in large numbers.

Democratic party leaders are turning a blind eye to Obama's weaknesses, and at the same time splitting the party in half. As many as 25 percent of Hillary supporters will not vote for Obama.

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