Mail Call

June 13, 2008

"All who attended the concert at the Hagerstown Community College amphitheater by the Air Force concert band and braved the terrific heat to do so heard a fantastic concert." - Hagerstown

"I read in the paper where they don't want to talk about the track, what's wrong with it. Somebody told them not to talk about it. But they were sure quick to talk about it when they were trying to raise money for it. I think we all have a right to know what's going on with the track at North High." - Hagerstown

"I'm appalled by the unlisted phone numbers being published. This puts some people in danger, and the rest of us who highly regard our privacy, in many compromising situations." - Hagerstown

"I'm reading the paper about 'Officials say take-home vehicle policy isn't wasteful.' To me it is very wasteful, and why would it be necessary for any of them to take their cars home, at the price of gas? And also it says that the City Council say they will consider it. I feel that this is totally ridiculous, and they should drive their cars, just like anyone else."


"As a correctional officer for many years, I've seen lots and lots of wasted taxpayers' money. Now the local issue with take-home vehicles, that's nothing compared to what the state does. When they buy a new vehicle for someone's position, it's always a big, 4-door land yacht or a big SUV, and these people use these vehicles up and down the road on investigations and so on, when all they need is - they can put everything they need in the trunk and/or the back seat. Come on, State of Maryland. This is supposed to be a green state? Ha, ha." - Hagerstown

"I wonder why Big Brown was run in the Belmont while Casino Drive, who only had a bruised hoof, was scratched. I only hope that Big Brown does not end up like 1986 Derby winner Ferdinand: At the slaughterhouse. It is time the health and well-being of the horse takes precedence over winning and triple crown." - Washington County

"I hope Hillary Clinton does not have her name as vice president. She is the most intelligent of the three, but the nighttime comics make fun of her terribly. Leno also makes fun of John McCain, saying he never marched with Dr. King, but he marched with Sherman during the Civil War. And also, he was on Noah's Ark. They never say a nasty thing about Obama, but treated him with kid gloves. Get Hillary's name out of the spotlight. She works with her intelligence, like Franklin Roosevelt did. This country needs help."

"I want to thank the very nice lady ... for letting her use her cell phone on Sunday. I was waiting on a cab, and I tried to use a pay phone to call about the cab and the pay phone wasn't working, and I want to thank her so much for letting me use the phone." - Hagerstown

"How many of you watched Fox News Sunday night in regards to Congress and the pork barrel and earmarks they have been doing? What a shame and what a rip-off to the taxpayers."

- Jefferson County, W.Va.

"Dumb, dumb, dumb. This morning in the Herald-Mail's forum that got a question - should they pay for the cost associated with changing new numbers on stationery? If they pay for new stationery they can get their new number and address on the new stationery for everyone to read it." - Hagerstown

"I reckon some of these road hogs, gas hogs motorists will be going across the border to Mexico to get cheaper gas now. I seen on TV last night where gas is cheaper in Mexico. And I think it's really something that a lot of American people in the area we live, all they want to do is just go out and about and all in public and all be in a restaurant and all and getting to know each other's business and all in life." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Since when is 20 people a 'packed' room of any sort? The headline for the opponents of the new shopping center made it sound like all of Hagerstown showed up to complain. Twenty people feel inconvenienced by this new shopping center - only 20 people. The benefits of such a shopping center surely outweighs these 20 people. I understand the concerns they have. However, progress is inevitable, and we must move on to build this shopping center. If the five people who opposed the new hospital had just let it go, it would have been built by now. Instead, it cost the county more money in legal fees and upgrades to the old hospital, and the new one will still be built by Robinwood. Enough with the runaround. Cut to the bottom line, and approve this new shopping center." - Hagerstown

"How could you blatantly devote the front page of Saturday, June 6, to the North High grads, and retreat South High's grads to a very small article and one small picture to a back section? This type of biased reporting certainly cements in the minds of many that the city of Hagerstown, who has two high schools, is a divided city from the newspaper. The local paper endorses North when everything is positive, with beautiful picture, but South is only on the front page when it's negative - coach's error on the baseball team."

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