Letters to the Editor

June 13, 2008

If you want reality, take a look at gas

To the editor:

This week gasoline hit $4 a gallon. Maybe you didn't notice because you were too busy watching that ridiculous reality show or you were too concerned about some sports event.

Maybe you could care less. Maybe you think those clowns in Washington will somehow come to your rescue. If you like reality, I have a sad reality for you.

These people do not have one iota of concern for you. They only want to control you. Do you think that they have to pay high gas prices? Think again. You and I pay that cost.


They parade the big oil execs up onto Capitol Hill and put on this big act like they're going to get to the bottom of it all and help us common folk. Do you fall for this charade?

I saw a bumper sticker on a vehicle not long ago. It said something along the lines of, "GOP: The Grand Oil Party." Little did this person know that the good ole Democrats are just as responsible for the dilemma we're in.

Both parties are in the back pocket of big oil. Have you heard either of the presidential candidates state how they were going to lower gas prices? They aren't smart enough to realize that a real solution would probably mean a ticket straight to the White House.

Both McCain and Obama want to insert "cap and trade," which will only raise prices more. Obama wants to take money from oil company profits. Sounds good, but who do you think will ultimately pay for it? That's right, we will at the pump. You see, while you were sleeping or had your head buried in that television set, the spotted owl or some other animal became more important than you.

Congress enacted law after law tying our hands. Did you know that China will soon be "slant drilling" just 50 miles off the coast of Florida? I understand that India is already doing so. Slant drilling means drilling at an angle right into our territorial waters. Yet we have practically suspended all domestic drilling. All liberals do (McCain included) is talk. They talk about alternative means of energy, yet never discuss the cost or how long into the future we must wait for that particular technology to be ready for practical use.

We need to act now. We must begin to drill our own oil and utilize the coal to oil technology that we can do at this time. Not only would that be the solution to our being slaves to OPEC, it would also create jobs.

The economy simply can't take the resulting rise in the cost of food and basic necessities. We can worry about alternative means of energy once this crises is solved. I can't do it by myself. You can't do it by yourself. You can bet the government won't do anything about it.

Can we get our heads out of the TV set or quit bickering among ourselves or quit being so self-centered long enough to come together? The politicians won't do it. They have become elitist and fear mongers.

They want to frighten us into total dependence on them. This is another reason that they fail to act. Personally, I believe that God gave us those resources to use. Maybe these people need to have a little more faith in God rather than try to be God.

Rob Butler

An excuse for social unrest?

To the editor:

Recently I was very disturbed to read an editorial in The Herald-Mail discussing Senator Obama's loss to Senator Clinton in the West Virginia primary. The author's only assertion was that Senator Obama lost so heavily because West Virginians are racist.

He then went on to describe "poor dumb white folks" as still reliving the Civil War, spending their time looking for someone to be better than and in general, being uneducated hicks.

Now I find that one of the hot topics on CNN is whether or not Obama is African-American or biracial, and a discussion on how either distinction will make a difference in November.

Does anyone else see where this is headed, or the manner in which it is demeaning Obama?

It is stating that if he loses, it is due to America being racist, and therefore already providing him with an "out," while giving those looking to cause social unrest a platform to riot on. If it is true that if he loses it is because he is an African- American, can it be also said that if he wins, it is because of the fact he is an African-American?

Gas prices are out of control, stocks are down and folks are hurting, and when you combine the emotions created by such with an election year, folks get a little worked up and we find ourselves sitting on a tinderbox.

I guess I should have stated at the beginning that there is not one chance I will will vote for Obama, but it is based upon his experience and elitist political stance, not on his skin color. But my main concern is that folks accept the results of the election for what they are, the decision by the people for the people. We do not need to be the "house divided against itself," and the social unrest caused by irresponsible activists needs to be avoided and they in turn shunned as they are not striving for the greater good, but rather personal advancement.

S. Chris Anders

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