Mail Call

June 12, 2008

"There's a lesson to be learned from the Ed McMahon property foreclosure. An 85-year-old shouldn't have a $4.8 million mortgage. Rather risky, I'd say." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Did I miss it? Has our Congress done anything yet to help with the oil crisis, besides threatening the oil companies, which are not allowed to drill for more oil or build any more refineries because Congress said so?"

"The yard sale is over and you have made your small fortune. Is it asking too much for you to remove your yard sale signs from the poles? I believe the police should take these signs down, deliver them to the address on the sign, and include a ticket for littering."

"I would love to see one of the two shopping centers built on U.S. 40 and I-70. Only one should be approved, and the one farther down by the Honda dealer seems like a better plan. It's not so close to the residential area. I'm sure the county will make sure that the developer will pay the water/sewer fees, plan and pay for the road improvements, and pay their city and county taxes. So please stop complaining about such things. The sooner the construction can begin, the sooner more people will be visiting the Hagerstown area. P.S. We don't need another office building." - Hagerstown


"Halfway caller, it is kind of childish not to vote for McCain just because Cheney makes an ignorant remark about West Virginians. Al Gore visited the Mid-east, making debasing remarks about his fellow Americans. Carter, likewise. Weeks ago Carter goes to Mideast against State Department orders, and puts a wreath on Arafat's grave. How anti-American can one get?" - Hagerstown

"I'd like to know why Boonsboro American Legion is never in the restaurant inspections." - Hagerstown

"Remember the history picture of the man selling apples for 5 cents during the Depression? I just purchased Red Delicious apples that came to $1.30 each. Are we in a recession or not." - Washington County

"I'd like to thank Suzanne Short for putting in an article in the letter to the editors about 'So much for the American Dream.' She's right on. I agree with her 100 percent. I hope a lot more people would feel that way."- Boonsboro

"I'm reading in Friday's paper about a letter to the editor by Suzanne Short, 'So much for the American Dream,' talking about too much government, and we need to take our government and put them back in control again, we the people, by the people. We need to get rid of these special interest groups, and the government needs to help us. I agree with that a hundred percent. The ones that caters to these special groups, we need to vote them out and keep voting them out until you get someone in there that's gonna help us." - Hagerstown

"The developers who want to build the new shopping center should first agree to finance any new roads or extra lanes leading into them, because we all know the traffic is bad already. As for new jobs, other jobs will be lost when other existing businesses suffer." - Hagerstown

"This is concerning Verizon selling the information, phone numbers and so forth, about their customers. They're not the only ones. I know a couple of years back that the Department of Motor Vehicles sold names and addresses and phone numbers to a company for a profit." - Hagerstown

"We have to keep Republicans in the office ... I don't want the bogeyman to get me. But yet unemployment is at its highest rate in 15 years, the barrel of oil went up the highest in 10 years in one day, and unemployment's the highest in 15 years, so just keep a Republican in the office, or the bogeyman will get us. We might implode from the inside, but at least the bogeyman won't get us." - Hagerstown

"Four thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend on three school plaques for someone's vanity. Let those whose name is so important pay for the plaques themselves. They all have more money than the average citizen, in my opinion." - Hagerstown

"Can somebody please answer a question for me? Why is it that since technology and science has advanced in 30 years, we are getting less gas mileage per gallon in 2008 than we did in 1978? That's an interesting question. In the 1970s, we were getting upper 20s and 30 mpg consistently on any car we had. Now we're lucky to get 25. Vehicles boast about having 25 mpg. This was minimum in 1970s." - Hagerstown

"I was just calling to commend Allegheny Power for having power so soon after the storm in Keedysville. I had power on Wednesday evening at 8:30 the day of the storm, and I just wanted to commend them. Everyone's always complaining about Allegheny Power, but actually they're doing a great job." - Keedysville

"I'm calling in reference to the BOE plaques. Why don't you let the guys who are out here doing the schools and doing all the work and spending seven days a week working on the projects have their names on the plaques, instead of people that are just sitting there behind a desk complaining because their name won't be advertised on a school plaque? Why don't you give it to the guys who really deserve it, the people that are doing these schools?" - Hagerstown

"Why is it that every year when they have this Blues Fest in Hagerstown that they have to ... have alcohol available? I mean, it's not any different than these bars and all." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I keep reading these ads for Father's Day, and it don't even say when it is. It don't give no date. Like in tonight's newspaper in Hagerstown, it's on the back page all about Father's Day, and does not say when it is." - Hagerstown

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