Sunday was another record hot day in Hagerstown

June 09, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Sunday marked the second consecutive day of record-breaking heat in Hagerstown, according to a Web site maintained by local weather observer Greg Keefer.

The temperature reached 95 degrees just before 4 p.m., topping the previous record of 94 degrees. Even with climbing temperatures, many area residents decided to spend the day outside.

John Hudock and Gina Grumbine, both of Hagerstown, spent part of their day Sunday watching the Hagerstown Suns take on the Lake County Captains from Ohio.

"It's really hot," Hudock said.

He and Grumbine said they kept cool by drinking plenty of water and soda, and said the light breeze was a big help.


Zach Stauffer, 11, of Boonsboro, also spent Sunday at the Hagerstown Suns game, and said he didn't mind the heat. He said he "mostly drinks soda" to keep cool.

Alan Reppert, a meteorologist with, said the Tri-State area will begin to feel some relief from the heat by early Tuesday. Until then, he expects temperatures to rise above 90 degrees.

Tuesday afternoon and that night, thunderstorms are expected to bring cooler temperatures, Reppert said.

The normal high for this time of the year is about 80 degrees. He said warm and humid air from the South have caused higher temperatures.

Don DeShong, of Greencastle, Pa., said he doesn't mind the heat and spent a few hours Sunday at the Hagerstown Suns game. Unlike others who found some relief in the shade, DeShong sat in box seats, which didn't provide cover from the sun.

He said he planned to spend some time in the swimming pool after the game, but said he drank water while he was outside to stay cool.

"I hope it does cool down," DeShong said.

Jule Martin, of Smithsburg, works at the baseball stadium as an usher and said fans were allowed to bring their own bottles of water to the game, which is a change from typical rules.

"It's hot," Martin said. "But of course I'm a sun worshipper, so wherever the sun is, that's where I am."

As she was leaving the stadium Sunday, Martin said she planned to go home and spend some time in her swimming pool.

Pamela Kohl, of Hagerstown, works at a concession stand during Hagerstown Suns games and also is a waitress. She said Sunday that she had to borrow sunscreen from a fan at the game.

"My shirt is soaked," she said.

Many of those who attended the game were asking for water and ice, Kohl said. By the third inning of Saturday's baseball game, Kohl said concession stands ran out of bottled water.

Reppert said that in extreme heat, people should try to stay inside and have air conditioning on as much as possible. He suggested drinking "plenty of liquids."

If people have to be outside in the early afternoon or late morning, Reppert suggests dressing in light-colored clothing.

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