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June 09, 2008

Last week's question:

Did the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association overreact when it required South Hagerstown High School's baseball team to forfeit its place in the May 24 Maryland Class 2A state championship game?

No, rules are rules. Period. - 20 votes (19 percent)

No, students need to understand the ramifications of breaking the rules. - 11 votes (11 percent)

No, it would have been unfair to the other teams to allow South High's team to play. - Six votes (6 percent)

No. All of the above. - 29 votes (28 percent)

Yes, it's just high school baseball, for Pete's sake. - Six votes (Six percent)

Yes, it was unfair to the South High players. - Five votes (5 percent)

Yes, fine the coaches or the school, but the team should have been allowed to play. - 19 votes (18 percent)


Who cares? This is not a big deal. - Eight votes (8 percent)


ยท Go coach!! You have had a positive influence on my life. - LTC James C. Fignar (RET)

This week's question

How should Verizon compensate the 12,500 people whose unlisted numbers were accidentally made public?

Pay for the costs associated with changing numbers, including new stationery, etc.

Pay those customers a lump sum.

Give affected phone customers free phone service for life.

Don't give the affected customers anything; accidents happen and customers ought to be more understanding.

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