Letters to the Editor

June 07, 2008

A great day to be in Sharpsburg

To the editor:

Oh what a lovely day. Saturday, May 24, Sharpsburg held its annual Memorial Day Parade. The weather couldn't have been better. The town just sparkled with beauty and smiles. The residents always go way beyond to clean and decorate their houses, especially for this day.

The town once again displayed flags on main street where the people anxiously awaited the start of the parade. There was the meaningful wreath-laying ceremony, with music (both vocal and instrumental), and speakers. Then came the parade with floats and marchers. Everything had the "real" theme for this weekend - our military, past and present.

This is all too familiar to me. I have marched, as chaperone, with the elementary school, Cub Scouts, and the high school band. They all deserve a round of applause for just making it up Cemetery Hill - that one's a killer in the heat!


The first time I wrote to this newspaper, many, many years ago, was to thank and compliment people for their wonderful response to our children's groups as they marched by. Now I get to be on the sidelines cheering them on myself. The smiles, cheers, applause - how wonderful. The children scurrying to get their share of the candy being tossed toward them - what fun. I couldn't forget the good food sold by the churches and clubs.

Later in the evening, my husband and I decided to get some ice cream and sit on a bench in the square under a shade tree. It was so quiet and peaceful. When you look across the street at the old store, it just looks like a picture out of a book. So serene. Then came lots and lots of motorcycles - they were such nice people, part of a Christian riding group. As we laughed and talked to some of them, it reminded me of how lucky we were to be part of this fine little town that others can only visit.

If you haven't had the opportunity to see the window in the store on the square or the one at Nutter's Ice Cream Store, you'll want to do that. They are both just beautifully decorated for the holiday.

It may be me, but it seems this weekend I saw more people displaying pride of our country. Thank you to one and all for remembering this day for what it really stands for. If you didn't go to the parade, put in on your calendar for next year, you won't regret it. See ya there.

Darlene Hoffman

Please vote June 10 to renew the levy for Martinsburg police

To the editor:

Re: City of Martinsburg Police Excess Levy Renewal

The City of Martinsburg (W.Va.) election is on June 10, 2008. The Police Excess Levy Renewal is on the ballot. On behalf of the City of Martinsburg, I would encourage all registered voters in the City of Martinsburg to vote "for" the renewal of the Police Excess Levy.

The current levy expires June 30, 2009. City residents have shown their support for the Police Excess Levy for 18 years. The Police Excess Levy was originally approved in 1990.

As stated, the Police Excess Levy is a renewal and would be for five fiscal years, beginning July 1, 2009. The levy renewal rates will remain the same as the previous five-year levy rates. The Police Levy renewal rate on a $100,000 piece of residential property would be $63 per year or 17 cents per day.

Funds generated, approximately $1.1 million per year, from the police levy would be for maintaining the current nine officers for salaries, insurance, vehicles, equipment, training and other police related items. Any funds earned in excess of the actual amount shall be used solely for the police department operations.

The City of Martinsburg Policy Levy Budget assists in providing our community the following services:

· Nine police officers enforcing state and local laws of our city. The nine make up approximately 20 percent of the police force.

· Specialized illicit drug sales and possession enforcement

· K-9 Patrol units

· Emergency Response Team (Hostage Situations)

· DUI enforcement

· Bicycle patrol

· "Night Eyes" (Residential house/apartment and business checks)

· Citizens Police Academy

· Junior Police Academy

· Police Explorer Program

· Citizen Ride-A-Long Program

· Adolescent "Job for a Day" Program

· BIGS in Blue (partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters)

· Citizen vehicle unlocks

· Funeral escorts

· Response to more than 27,000 calls for service (calendar year 2007)

The City of Martinsburg and the Martinsburg Police Department appreciates your past support of the police levy renewal and looks forward to your continued support of the levy.

George Karos
City of Martinsburg, W.Va.

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