Mail Call

June 06, 2008

"Once again, South High has done it again with the yearbook. I think it's terrible to get up to be a senior, to find out when you get your yearbook that your picture has not even been included. They have done this several years in a row. Whoever proofreads the yearbook better start making sure that they're watching what they're doing. These children, this is important to the seniors especially, to have their picture in the yearbook. 'We're sorry, we'll give you your money on the yearbook' does not make it right. What's wrong with South High?" - Hagerstown

"I am constantly amazed how many callers are unaware of the nature of America. For one, Congress does not - emphasize 'not' - control the price of gas. Rather, blame the oil owners, the speculators, and yes, the big oil men of America. Each could afford to build three new state-of-the-art refineries and still be able to pocket billions and billions in profits. These same complainers would be the first to rail against government interfering with private industry. But foremost, the blame for Congress lies with us, we, the people ... who don't vote." - Martinsburg, W.Va.


"In reference to A1 and 2 in the paper, about the unlisted (phone numbers): Big deal, they're gonna give you $1.89 back, times 12 months, because they listed your phone numbers. It still lists your address, and they can still, any predator, still could come after you. That's absurd by Verizon. Good article, but I'd like to know, was anyone disciplined or fired because of that at Verizon, that sold the names? And how much did they sell the names for us in the phone books? That would be interesting to see in your story, as a follow-up. And also, thank you, Herald-Mail, for publishing the restaurant inspections in the Sunday paper." - Leitersburg

"I just want to comment on the non-published numbers that were published in the phone directory. They came out on Saturday with their statement in the paper. Isn't it funny that on Friday when my niece called, they gave her the run-around, said that wasn't their fault, they said it happens when you have your number out in other areas like the Internet, etc.? They were still trying to get around that on Friday, but yet on Saturday, that statement was published. They should have come clean with the whole fiasco." - Clear Spring

"I'd like to congratulate all the student athletes who are graduating from high school this year. I'm a big sports fan of high school sports, and I've really enjoyed watching them over the years maturing, and their growth, getting better in their athletics, and I notice in the paper that most of the better athletes from all the high schools are good students and make the honor roll, as well. They surely made my year go."

"I have a son that goes to South High. He graduates this year. He was listed as All-Area first team in the newspaper, and he was eliminated from the yearbook, and I am very devastated and I don't think it's right." - Hagerstown

"Enough, already. How many more meetings of the Planning Commission and County Commissioners will we need to have before the new shopping center is approved? Every meeting just drags out the process and delays any jobs from coming to Hagerstown. Yes, there will be more traffic. Yes, it might be an inconvenience to a few - yes, only a few. But it will bring many, many jobs to the area. I don't remember any special meetings being held for all of the new office buildings cropping up all over the county. This land is perfect for retail. Pick a developer, give him the OK, and move on, already."

"Now that the BOE has about decided whose name should appear on the plaques in the school, perhaps they can get back to other important issues. However, one might wonder if these are the people who should be making decisions about the education of our children." - Halfway

"The county commissioners just voted to sell $19 million worth of bonds. That puts the county's total debt at $191 million. No wonder they aren't lowering our property tax."- Washington County

"What legal right does a common phone provider of service have to sell your personal information to another company - unlisted or not unlisted?" - Halfway

"I believe that school board member Donna Brightman owes an explanation to the citizens as to why she abstained from the vote on the approval of the plaques for the three new elementary schools." - Hagerstown

"When the junior college advertises they're going to have a country band, the Air Force country band, in concert, I think the band should have at least sing a couple country songs. It was nothing more than country rock, pop rock. I was very disappointed." - Hagerstown

"It's sad to think that the police have been outsmarted by the young drag racers on Dual Highway, that they have to resort to catch speeders on the back streets, like Beaver Creek Road." - Hagerstown

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