Pop-star status wouldn't bother band members

June 05, 2008|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

FREDERICK, Md. - Rock band Brian Severn and Those Victorious is doing all it can to attain pop-star status.

"A lot of bands are afraid to say they're rock-pop because (people) think of horrible things like the Backstreet Boys," frontman Brian Severn says.

So call them pop. There's no fear of categorization here.

Brian Severn and Those Victorious is a four-man rock band from Frederick. The members have been touring and writing new material for a full-length album and are signed to Severn's record label, BDS Music in Frederick.

Those Victorious put out a self-titled EP in 2007, with help from David Ivory, whose work list includes early albums for Philly-based hip-hop artists The Roots and Patti LaBelle.


Severn said recording that EP meant putting in lots of studio work, making the EP a hard act to follow.

"I had to write like 80 songs just to get five good ones," Severn said.

According to Severn, it seemed Ivory demanded everything but blood. The band did all-night sessions for months only to get inches closer to where it needed to be. But the experience brought the band closer and made it better, Severn said. It's a process the members are willing to repeat again and again.

"It seems a lot of bands fail because they stop working," he said. "I feel like if we keep working, we can make it."

About the band

Name: Brian Severn and Those Victorious

Lead vocals: Brian Severn

Lead guitar, backing vocals: Brian "Briany iny Hands" Tessier

Bass, backing vocals: Chris "Playboy" Martin

Drums, percussion: Paddy "Paddy Mayonnaise" McGinley

City: Frederick, Md.

Genre: Rock, pop

Influences: Green Day, Everclear, GlassJaw

Where to hear them: Jumpin' Java, Charles Town, W.Va., Friday, June 13


Q&A with Brian Severn of Brian Severn and Those Victorious Q: What would you say has been the band's biggest accomplishment so far?

A: For a tour, we need these road cases (for hauling equipment). We got a company to sponsor those, and we just got a clothing sponsor. Sometimes we like to say, 'Wow, what were we doing a year ago? See how cool we thought that was?'

Q: What were you doing this time last year?

A: This time last year we were shooting a video in Philadelphia, "Steady Set, Ready Now." It's on our Myspace page. We thought that was the top of the world.

Q: Who are you listening to now?

A: I still listen to a lot of Green Day. I listen to a little bit of jazz. I'm really into a band called GlassJaw, a band out of New Jersey. ... What I like about GlassJaw (is), a lot of times with aggressive music, it's like, 'OK, you're screaming, I get it.' But they have a different approach.

Q: You mentioned that you listened to a lot of '90s Green Day when you were a kid. Some people say their more recent stuff isn't as good, that they've changed. What do you think?

A: I think you have to change. You can't put out the same record seven years in a row - that's got to be tricky for them to do. I think they've got the same integrity. I think they've just evolved.

Q: Where do you see (your) band 10 years from now?

A: I would like to be working on our third or fourth full-length record. I see us being happy.

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