Mail Call

June 05, 2008

"This is about the private phone numbers being listed in the phone book along with addresses. Now all the nuts, criminals and abusers know where you are. Scary, isn't it?" - Waynesboro, Pa.

"The Blues Fest is a good thing but why all the drinking? Can't these people enjoy jazz without being drunk? Why not have it at the Fairgrounds and keep the alcohol confined to one area, and cut off the drunks when they've had too much? I saw more drunks at the Blues Fest than I see falling out of bars in a month." - Washington County

"About the article in the paper last week about people who haven't mowed their grass and left it grow high and the City is going in mowing them and charging them and fining them, it's pretty pathetic when you have an old light plant sitting down there with grass up to your elbows and nothing being done about it. They talked about putting a fence around it, but that will never happen. This city is pretty pathetic, if you ask me." - Hagerstown


"I'm fortunate enough to have been one of the people who saw the motorcycles come through Hagerstown on their way to Martinsburg, and I just want to applaud them and say thank you and God bless you to each and every one of them in that motorcycle ride this past Sunday. If the United States had more dedicated people like these riders in our local and state government - I'm sure you get my drift - maybe the United States wouldn't be in the shape it's in now. What do you think? Again, thank you and God bless to each and every one of them." - Hancock

"I'm calling about gasoline. I bought a new truck in 2007 so I could burn E-85, and there's no place in Washington County where they sell it, and if there is a gas station that sells E-85 I'd like to know about it so I could save money on my gas and get better gas mileage." - Hagerstown

"I guess it's not worth voting, since the election is not based upon the popular vote but with the final decision on who our next president will be left up to the superdelegates (whoever they are). Apparently these delegates can change their votes based upon which candidate make them the best offer. The system can ignore all of the state primaries, but having all of the superdelegates vote first on who will be our candidate for the next president. This will save time and the need for us to go to the polls to actually vote." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Concerning the article that was in the paper about why blame the President and Congress for the prices of oil, well, I don't know about the President. I know he'd like to drill in Alaska. I know many of our liberal colleagues in Congress down there does not want to drill, because the environmentalists is in their back pocket. So why not drill? And we could have plenty of oil, and I'm sure that would bring the prices (down), and I'm sure the Congress is the one that can control that if they decide to." - Rohrersville

"As a parent of a Washington County school student, I would like to say 'Hats off' to Franklin County schools, who are still teaching history in the elementary schools. Washington County has decided to cut history for MSA testing, so students don't get history until eighth grade. It's wonderful that students are learning history in the elementary schools in Franklin County. I wish Washington County would step it up." - Clear Spring

"The U.S. oil refineries are exporting more than 1.8 million barrels a day of crude oil, gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Why?" - Washington County

"I'm for the person who says that the people getting food needs to be screened. I know two families who have medical cards and gets everything free, food stamps, heat, the whole nine bits. Then they run around all week long and goes to the clubs on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Why don't they check into people like this before they give them everything, and help the people that really needs it?" - Hagerstown

"I want to thank Verizon for giving my number, which has been unlisted for 10 years. Now all the inmates can call me at home and ask what I want for dinner." - Hagerstown

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