June 01, 2008

Deeds for May

Miriam K. Cameron, trustee, 6116 Aqua Lane, Keedysville, John R. and Amy C. Pullaro, for $275,000.

Jeffrey D. and Mary T. Bust, 9705 Redamar Drive, Hagerstown, to Gary M. and Christina Sherman, for $895,000.

Henry Associates I LLC, 2052 Day Road, Hagerstown, to Shaool Holdings LLC, for $185,000.

Bonnard J. Morgan Jr., Chestnut Grove Road, Keedysville, to Aquillas O. and Barbara A. Peachey, for $150,000.

Verda I. Sword, 13545 Blairs Valley Road, Clear Spring, to Carrie A. and Scott E. Yeakle, for $153,000.

Regina R. Orban, 17940 Lyles Drive, Hagerstown, to Ethan B. and Gina H. Lester, for $347,500.

Ethan B. and Gina H. Lester, 9927 Stephanie Lane, Hagerstown, to John M. and Patsy Demary, for $285,000.

Agustin and Bridget Laserna, 9803 Woodside Court, Hagerstown, to Michael J. and Shelley L. Ware, for $329,900.

Elisabeth Shobe, 11310 Ashton Road, Clear Spring, to Joshua S. Barnes, for $250,000.


Richard A. and Melynie J. Tooley, 826 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to The Lube Center Inc., for $220,000.

NVR Inc., 19207 Cranberry Court, Hagerstown, to Stephen L. and Donna Joe Sturtz, for $419,345.

Valley Land and Development LLC, 19310 Paradise Manor Drive, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $85,000.

R. Mark McKee, 106 W. High St., Hancock, to Zachary L. Burnett, for $110,000.

Brenda Valentine, 638 Knightsbridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Zachary P. Newman, for $171,000.

Gary L. and Carla F. Bricker, 18128 Maugans Ave., Hagerstown, to Stephen S. Poe, for $184,000.

Jason A. and Tonya R. McClain, 11707 Robinwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Tyler G. Hansberger, for $185,000.

Rick A. and Jodi S. Pietrolungo, 16024 Broadfording Road, Hagerstown, to Vincent and Susan Benton, for $242,000.

Roger and Linda Byrd, 11138 Mahogany Drive, Hagerstown, to Raul P. and Evelia Sarmiento, for $325,000.

Robert C. and Judith R. Compton, 943 Mulberry Ave., Hagerstown, to William Bern Dickinson Jr., for $219,000.

Jeffrey B. and Jessica Knepper, 17830 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Richard B. and Jennifer H. Page, for $210,500.

Matthew L. Paige, 1007 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Brooke C. Moser, for $210,000.

Robert L. Nearchos, 12325 Richwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Milton E. Miller III, for $207,000.

Henning and Elizabeth A. Lorenzen, 11250 Suffolk Drive, Hagerstown, to Bonnly L. Sun Et Al, for $420,000.

R&J Builders Inc., 1232 Garst Court, Hagerstown, to Christopher J. Pinto, for $210,000.

Richard M. and Daphne R. Kirkner, 923 Mercer Drive, Hagerstown, to James D. and Christy C. Newman, for $200,000.

Bank of New York, 362 Yorkshire Drive, Hagerstown, to Aaron T. and Kari L. Calhoun, for $110,000.

Jason S. Goldberg, 30-32 Elizabeth St., Hagerstown, to Jonathan Backenstose, for $115,000.

Kenneth F. Butler, 1106-1108 W. Church St., Hagerstown, to Robert L. Webber, for $149,900.

Roy E. and Dorothy L. Bohrer, 11035 Big Pool Road, Big Pool, to Andrew J. Michael IV, for $500,000.

Brett D. and Pamela A. McKoy, 205 E. Hillcrest Road, Hagerstown, to Sheryl Blank, for $160,000.

DRB Financial Corp., 13 Farragut Drive, Keedysville, to David Alan and Lori Carr, for $358,159.

James H. and Rena A. Gottert, 707 Largo Drive, Hagerstown, to John W. and Leah Roberts, for $160,000.

Patriot Homes, 17632 Slate Way, Hagerstown, to Richard W. Bresee Jr., for $209,700.

Charles Jr. and Mary Hafer, 1003 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Roger L. and Linda J. Byrd, for $218,500.

Serge and Patricia A. Ducharme, 10145 Mar Rock Drive, Hagerstown, to George Kovork Stepanian Jr., for $424,900.

Dino J. and Kathleen Delaportas, 9520 Childacrest Drive, Boonsboro, to William R. and Melanie A. Anderson, for $574,000.

Scott A. and Jill K. Pettit, 238 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Leonard McNair Sr., for $145,000.

Eugene S. Albert Et Al, 6 Sable Run Road, Hancock, to Pensco Trust Company Custodian FBO, for $29,000.

Raymond E. Hause, 1325 Jefferson Blvd., Hagerstown, to Kenneth L. Jr. and Ginger A. Grimm, for $105,000.

James T. Fahey, 425 Ridge Ave., Hagerstown, to Roy A. Sr. and Linda K. Sisk, for $134,900.

Robert and Jennifer Miller, 19200 Sandyhook Road, Knoxville, to David and Diane Gilsinger, for $65,000.

Brian P. and Elizabeth Bode, 806 Brookridge Drive, Boonsboro, to Todd E. and Lauren K. Jarman, for $330,000.

OJH LLC, 1305 Jefferson Blvd., Hagerstown, to David A. Jr. and Amelie N. L. Wink, for $255,000.

Mansoor Emralshaool, 10916 Sassan Lane, Hagerstown, to Tu T. Bui, for $500,000.

Mastercraft Builders Inc., 19128 Red Maple Drive, Hagerstown, to John W. Jr. and Joy M. Rudisill, for $410,000.

Edward S. and Carolyn L. Kefauver, 5302 Porterstown Road, Keedysville, to Marc D. and Melissa A. Linehan, for $370,000.

Christina J. Custer, 120 E. North Ave., Hagerstown, to Stephanie A. Ernde, for $157,000.

Dale A. and Lisa M. Widmyer, 721 Forest St., Hagerstown, to Beverly A. Powers, for $169,900.

Kimberly A. Lash, 3227 Hawks Hill Lane, Keedysville, to Jacob A. Balmford, for $420,000.

Joni K. Grimes, 10915 Rosewood Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffery L. West, for $195,000.

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