GOP is indeed stupid for its timidity

May 31, 2008|By JAMES H. WARNER

I cannot remember who first called the Republican Party the "stupid party," but recent events show that our party has earned this name. The very issues with which the Democrats are attacking the Republicans in the current campaign are issues on which Democrats are especially vulnerable. However, the stupid party seems not to have noticed.

First, look at Social Security. Obviously, Social Security must be reformed, the sooner the better. But when President Bush asked Congress to reform it, and permit private accounts to be included in Social Security, Congress (which was controlled by the stupid party at the time) refused. Congressional Democrats exclaimed that this would be "risky." Not one Republican pointed out that if the same amount of money as is paid into Social Security were used to purchase an annuity from an insurance company, it would return between five and eight times what Social Security would return.


In other countries, in which retirement funds have been reformed to include private accounts, retirees actually receive much higher returns for what they have paid in than Americans.

If one considers insurance companies "risky," one could purchase several annuities instead of one. If one bought four annuities, and two of the insurance companies failed (when did the last insurance company fail, to the extent that the insured had no coverage at all?) the retiree would still receive two and one half times what he would have received from the current system. The stupid party could not make this case.

Congressional Democrats, who have gullibly swallowed the global warming hoax, insist that we must all switch to toxic light bulbs. There are several problems with these light bulbs, none of which a single member of the stupid party has articulated. One of the most pressing, in my mind, is the threat that eventually, enough of these light bulbs will end up in landfills to begin to poison our ground water with mercury.

Yet, whatever may be the threat, the reality is that everyone in America would have to use these bulbs for 100 years before there would be any result at all in CO2 levels. The stupid party is unable to think of a single reason these light bulbs are a bad idea.

We are told that by the year 2011 we can expect rolling brownouts in Maryland, since there will not be sufficient electrical power to satisfy expected demand. Has anyone in the stupid party pointed out that Democrats have blocked the construction of nuclear power plants for many years?

How is it that Democrats with degrees in political science can trump the arguments of the engineers who design these plants? Have you ever heard anyone from the stupid party point out that every single day, most coal-fired power plants release more radioactivity, in the form of a radioactive isotope of thorium, than the total released at Three Mile Island?

Democrats have blocked Americans from drilling off the coast of Florida, but have done nothing about the plans of China to extract our oil less than 50 miles from Florida. Democrats have blocked the construction of oil refineries for the last 30 years. Democrats have refused to permit us to extract shale oil, the most abundant oil resource in the world. If the stupid party cannot pin the tag on Democrats for the price of gasoline at the pump, let alone any of these other issues, they will deserve the defeat which seems certain this November.

James H. Warner is a retired attorney. He served as a domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan from 1985 until 1989.

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