Chambersburg school board creates new job titles

May 30, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. -- The Chambersburg School Board this week created a number of new job titles - some of them quite lengthy - for administrators, but tabled action on one to make Human Services Director Bill Hodge the assistant superintendent for Programs and Personnel.

Wednesday's scheduled vote on changes of title prompted Citizens for Responsible Government President Allen Piper to request information on whether the administrators met the certification criteria for their new positions; job descriptions and whether their salaries would be increased.

Among the changes approved was moving Chambersburg Area Middle School Principal Tod Kline to Director of Educational Structures, Programming and Curriculum Implementation. The position is a central office job that will involve overseeing conversion of CAMS and Faust Junior High School into middle schools for grades six through eight as Chambersburg Area Senior High School is renovated and expanded from three grades to four.

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Services Catherine Dusman will become assistant superintendent of K-12 Services, with Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Services Eric Michael becoming assistant superintendent of Technology and Education accountability.


The board took an hourlong executive session before voting unanimously on most of the title changes, but tabling the one for Hodge's position.

"We wanted to work on the job description a bit further," Board President Thomas Orndorf said. The proposed change is not a new position for Hodge, he said, but a change in job responsibilities.

Orndorf said the proposed change in Hodge's responsibilities was not supposed to have raised his salary above the $105,000 he is scheduled to receive in 2008-09, but did not rule it out, either.

Dusman said the specific duties that come with her new title have yet to be defined.

Piper also told the board he was filing an application under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law asking for details on five school district vouchers for about $16,000 spent between Nov. 15, 2007, and Jan. 11, 2008.

Three of the vouchers were for "cardmember service received" totaling $15,888.31.

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