Mail Call

May 30, 2008

"'Small-town USA at its finest' is exactly right. I live in Sharpsburg, and am very proud of how my hometown takes the time to paint the town in red, white and blue. Sharpsburg is the home of one of the worst battles ever fought on home soil, and the people there know what war is. They also know that our soldiers deserve our respect and thanks. I appreciate the people who did all the work to make the memorial service happen, and the parade to bring families and friends together for a time of remembrance, honor, and finally, fun. The weather was beautiful. This paper took the time to cover it, and I look forward to many years of celebrating the best that our country has to offer - hometown and civic pride. Thank you." - Sharpsburg

"Hats off to last week's caller saying they did research on the presidential candidates. Not many people do this. They judge candidates from what they see during their speeches. We all know some have not been very honest. I, too, do my homework at the library and other good sources. No matter who runs or how qualified they appear to be, there will always be those who oppose this person. True, we don't have a lot to choose from. Both have been caught in lies thus far." - Hagerstown


"I'm replying to the person who called in and said we should use whatever force we have to get bin Laden. He's correct; we should use whatever force we have to get bin Laden, but he doesn't understand - we knew that bin Laden was in Afghanistan, but then we were distracted by Iraq. Who will distract us next, Iran? By the way, most of the terrorists were Saudis. The Saudis are not our pals." - Boonsboro

"Here we go again. Gas prices going up, food prices going up. Everything's going up but the paycheck. What has happened to this good old USA? Let's start taking care of our own people, and getting the illegals out and off the welfare." - Williamsport

I'm reading The Herald-Mail, May 24. I see Ms. Giffin, who works for the city, got a raise of $5,200. My husband works for the city, and he has never got but a 10-cent raise for years, so I guess if you're a higher-up, Mayor Bruchey makes you an offer, you will get a raise. So good idea for the rest of the city workers. Just say you're gonna quit, and you'll get a raise." - Hagerstown

"I agree with the letter about the alcohol being carried to the performances at The Maryland Theatre. There are many businesses very close to the theater that serve alcohol. The liquor board should be a little stricter on regulations when issuing licenses to theaters, etc." - Hagerstown

"The government's energy policy can best be described as 'Let them eat biodiesel.'" - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Concerning the Mail Call about the bus on Harpers Ferry Road that they wanted to pull over so they could let cars go by: If a bus constantly pulls over, it won't get where it's going either. Why don't you try leaving for work a little bit earlier? These bus drivers pull over occasionally to let lots of cars go by, and they're doing that out of courtesy. They're not obligated to do it, so if the bus is in your way, I suggest you find a different route, or you leave your house earlier." - Sharpsburg

"I would just like to thank the police officers that came to my aid. I had an intruder try to break in my house, and I was very terrified, since I am a female living alone. I just want to thank you, and God bless you, and I'd like to thank the lady, the dispatcher who stayed on the line with me the whole time until the officers arrived. Thank you so much for coming to my aid. You sure are heroes, and I do appreciate it. Take care, and God bless all the police officers." - Hagerstown

"How can the Washington County tax people ignore headlines like the one that was in the paper Memorial Day and has been stated so many times, about the prices of houses going down? How can they ignore this?" - Hagerstown

"What's it gonna take, $7 a gallon or maybe $10 a gallon, for us to let Washington know, our senators and Congress, that we need to start drilling in the U.S.? They say there's other sources of energy, but where is it? Are we gonna have to park all of our old cars and buy new ones? We can drill safely in the U.S., but we need to call our senators right now and let them know that." - Boonsboro

"The primary definition of 'war' is: A state of open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations. Sen. McCain refers to the Iraq war because it suits his purpose, but I do not know why senators Clinton and Obama do not use the correct phrase, Iraq occupation. The Iraq war ended years ago." - Rohrersville

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