Mail Call

May 29, 2008

"In regards to E. Russell Hicks being used as a church on Sunday: These people pay taxes, too, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind a nonchurch group using it. The discriminatory part would be excluding the churchgoing taxpayers' use of the facility, as well as nonchurch people. Think about it. We're not from another planet. We just go to church." -- Clear Spring

"This is to the caller in Maugansville. I believe the school should not be torn down. Unfortunately, though, our society is very wasteful, and this is why we have global warming. We continue to cut down trees to put up new buildings, just to let old buildings sit and rot, or just to tear them down to make an empty space for nothing. It's a shame. I feel for you, and hopefully they will keep the building open."

"How does the Senate send a bill to the president that he vetoed, that was missing 34 pages? These are the same people who believe the government should run health care. How scary is that?" -- Hagerstown


"Gas went up another 10 cents, just in time for Memorial Day. I would like to know if anybody in the area is doing anything in protest for the gas prices. If they are, I would like to know what they are doing, because I'd like to do something myself." -- Funkstown

"My child is a student at Hickory Elementary, and there is a problem with geese dirt on the playground. I heard the staff has reported this to the central office, but maintenance will do nothing. Would they want their children or grandchildren to step in it, or use equipment that is rolled in it? It is unsanitary, and could be a health hazard. I and others are upset, and hope something is done before Field Day next week. Our children deserve better conditions."

"I think it's time for you people to start watching your children, and stop letting them play ball in the West End in the streets. We don't want you hitting our cars and houses anymore." -- West End

"This goes out to Bob Maginnis. I love your 'Odds and ends from a columnist's notebook.' Keep up the good work, Bob. You do a good job, especially when you put the facts in there on what they spend on buildings and sell buildings for, and so on and so forth. You're doing a great job. Love to read it." -- Broadfording Road

"I was watching the live council meeting from May 20, where they talked about these people taking the company cars home, and about the gas usage. I agree that something needs to be looked into about that. There's way too many cars being used for personal use and not for work use. They said that they frowned upon taking the vehicle, things like for the police department. I agree that they should be able to take them home for that, but not for personal use of taking their kids to school and running errands and having their wives in the cars with them, and you know that it's personal." -- Halfway

"Would you please remind these people who are out walking that they should keep to the left, facing traffic? There are so many of them out there walking on the right. I almost hit one the other day, and it scared the daylights out of me. Tell them to please walking facing traffic. Maybe there are some out there that don't know that. It's a matter of safety." -- Hagerstown

"I really liked the letter about voting for BOE, to vote responsibly. I'm not sure what it had to say, it was written so vague, but I'm gonna tell everybody, I'm only voting for one BOE candidate this fall, and that's Donna Brightman. The way she done was truly disgraceful, and makes our county look like it's a hundred years behind the times. If I'd be Martin O'Malley, I wouldn't bother to try to try to be governor to all the counties. I would be him, I would just ignore Washington County, and I wouldn't send any funds." -- Hagerstown suburb

"I just want to say this week particularly I seem as though I enjoyed the paper very much. There is a lot of pictures of these little happy children from these schools, and even up through high school, that all these pictures of every little child is very happy. I'd just like to say it makes you feel good for the day, and I hope they stay happy, and I love children more than life itself." -- Hagerstown

"I really had to laugh -- that caller who claimed that if we outlawed guns, all these terrible crimes would just stop. Certain drugs have been illegal for over a century, but are still readily available everywhere, including, unfortunately, Frederick and Hagerstown, provided, of course, you have enough money to buy them. If anyone really believes that banning guns would keep criminals from getting them , or for that matter, keep someone who is truly determined to kill say, a spouse, from doing so, then I have a bridge over the Potomac River you want to buy." -- Frederick, Md.

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