Funkstown briefs

May 29, 2008

Town could benefit from hotel/motel tax

FUNKSTOWN - The issue of hotel/motel tax funds and how they can benefit Funkstown came up at Wednesday's town meeting.

Town Clerk Brenda Haynes reported that Councilwoman Sharon Chirgott attended a recent meeting where two options were discussed - funds would be given out either by population or whether there are hotels or motels in the jurisdiction.

"Sharon voted for population so Funkstown wouldn't be left out," Haynes said.

If the money is awarded by population, Funkstown's share would be $6,160, Haynes said.

Assistant Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. said the town would keep up on how that question is resolved.

"We should send the county a letter regarding the distribution of those funds," Crampton said, noting that Funkstown is a tourist town even if there are no hotels or motels.

Sheriff's Department reports to council

FUNKSTOWN - From Jan. 14 to May 13, the Washington County Sheriff's Department worked 81 assignments within the town limits of Funkstown, according to Capt. Pete Lazich of the Washington County Sheriff's Department.


During that time, 17 tickets were written for disregarding traffic signs; 35 for speeding, 16 for seat belt violations and more than 100 warnings were handed out for a host of minor traffic violations.

Three arrests were made - two for drug paraphernalia and one for an alcohol-related driving offense, the report said.

While council members and some residents were pleased with the report, there was a discussion about the recent spike in malicious destruction, break-ins and thefts in the community.

"In just 1 1/2 months, there were 72 incidents on just one side of town," said Steve Schultz, a town resident, who reported a window was broken in his vehicle just Tuesday night.

Schultz also referred to the night when 52 vehicles were vandalized in Funkstown - a case which is still unsolved.

"We're well beyond Neighborhood Watch," he said.

But Paul N. Crampton Jr., assistant mayor, disagreed and suggested that efforts be made to resurrect that organization which apparently ceased its activities 10 to 15 years ago.

"There is a feeling of helplessness," Schultz said of his frustration to protect his family and his property.

Crampton suggested that Washington County Sheriff Doug Mullendore be invited to speak with the Mayor and Council about the options available to the town.

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