Mail Call

May 26, 2008

"How critical are the positions of the current presidential candidates from the Senate, if they can be absent from their duties all this time to campaign? We are getting the job done by their staff for a lot less money. Perhaps a candidate for president should be required to resign, or at the very least, take an unpaid leave of absence as senator, representative or governor, to campaign for president. Could you be absent from your job and expect to have your income intact during this time?" - Hagerstown

"Did I just dream it, or do others remember that when the seat belt law in Maryland became effective, we were assured that in no way would a driver be pulled over solely for not wearing a seat belt? See how easily we forget, and have new laws imposed on us when we're not paying close enough attention? Think outside the box, and vote."


"It's too bad Councilwoman Cromer didn't bring this subject up a long time ago, about the take-home of vehicle business. It surely would have saved a lot of money. We have to buy our gas to shop and so on, so why shouldn't these policemen and officials? They make much more money than I do." - Hagerstown

"I heard on the local news this morning ... that Hagerstown don't have a commercial liner landing out here. Why don't they think about approaching Fed Ex or UPS and making this a distribution point for close to Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia area? I think they'd save money. No one's got enough money now to fly. Domestic airlines is reducing any of their airlines from 12 to 20 percent ..." - Leitersburg

"As a longtime correctional officer, I am appalled at the conditions the officers have to work with. I'm not talking about the condition of the jail and the abuse from the inmates. I'm talking about forced overtime, mandatory overtime. Some of these guys can't even get a day off. And if they do volunteer to work one day a week, then they're ordered to work their second day off that they're supposed to have." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to make a comment about the new stop signs put out on Orchard Hill Parkway. I think it's a great idea. Now all you have to do is have a policeman come out here, or the sheriff or the state police, and enforce it, because since they've been up, early this morning, Wednesday morning, people are flying through them like they're not even there. This is a resident who lives on Orchard Hill Parkway. This is a joke." - Hagerstown

"High five to Councilwoman Kelly Cromer for trying to save taxpayers' money. City- and county-owned vehicles are used to go home for lunch and take family members to appointments." - Washington County

"The sewer, cable and electric has all gone up, food and gasoline has skyrocketed, but still, President Bush says the cost of living only increased 3 percent. Figure that one out." - Washington County

"I hope everyone caught the piece in the Tuesday, May 20, (paper) about the government. You need to call your council person, because they're talking about increases in your water rate, your sewer rate, your tax rate. So you need to check this out." - Hancock

"I just want to say thank you, Democrats. You were voted in to help the gas price, which was then $2.39 a gallon. Now gas is $3.89 a gallon. The Democrat Congress just passed their best plan for lowering our price at the pump, by suspending our stockpiling barrels of oil and our strategic reserve. We stopped stockpiling Friday, and since then oil has risen $10 more a barrel. Thank you for the help" - McConnellsburg, Pa.

"The liberal media continues to bash Republicans. If we wanted cowardly Democrats representing us in Annapolis, we would have voted for them. Thanks to Republican legislators like Chris Shank and LeRoy Myers for standing up to the tax-and-spend liberals in Annapolis. Someone has to say no." - Hagerstown

"In response to the caller complaining about Kelly Moreno, who writes Kelly's Cuts every week: Clearly this caller has no sense of humor, and likes to find fault with everyone and everything. With all the murders and other terrible things going on, I look forward to Kelly's funny quips every week, and actually laugh out loud. It is one of the bright spots in the paper. She is so witty, and very humorous. She doesn't make fun of people and certainly doesn't down them. She's just finding the humor in some of the comments callers make, and she does a wonderful job. Thanks, Kelly. And to the caller: Lighten up." - Hagerstown

"Not to be stereotypical, and the chances of any of these people reading the paper anyhow is slim and none, but the baggy jeans and the shirts and everything that are five sizes too big, when is that phase ever gonna fade out? I mean, come on, it's been since like 1990 somebody started that, which is almost 20 years ago. Come on, can we get a new style? I am so sick of seeing everyone's boxer shorts, OK? Please." - Hagerstown

"I read in the Hagerstown paper where the city employees are taking the vehicles home. I would like to know that they are paying income tax on this. It is a source of income. They have to pay income tax." - Bunker Hill, W.Va.

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