Franklin County eyes plan for more local say on transportation projects

May 24, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- Franklin County is moving closer to forming a Rural Planning Organization (RPO) designed to give local officials a greater say in future transportation improvements, including road and bridge projects totaling more than $80 million.

"The draft TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan) for the next period is out now and contains $84 million in projects," County Planning Director Phil Tarquino told a meeting of township officials last week. "The projects on the TIP are not just wish projects."

To be placed on the TIP, some money already has to have been allocated for some phase of a project, from planning and engineering to rights-of-way acquisition and construction, Tarquino told the township officials.

Franklin County is the only county is Pennsylvania that is not part of either an RPO or Municipal Planning Organization (MPO), Tarquino said.


Earlier this year, the county began taking the steps necessary to form an RPO, and by this fall should have the nine-member committee appointed, Tarquino said.

"Local people making local decisions," is the primary advantage of an RPO, Tarquino said, along with about $60,000 available to help pay for staffing and consulting.

Municipal officials will make up most of the committee membership, but a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) representative also will be on board, Tarquino said.

The TIP lists nearly 50 road and bridge projects, with more than half dealing with bridges, Tarquino said. The draft covers from 2009 through 2012 and is to be updated every two years, he said.

"The real emphasis is on bridges," said Tarquino, noting that about a quarter of the state's 25,000 bridges are structurally deficient to some extent. "The same percentage holds true in Franklin County."

Some bridge projects listed on the TIP are among those PennDOT announced Thursday that are on its list for replacement or rehabilitation in the next three years under Gov. Ed Rendell's Rebuild Pennsylvania Initiative. That plan depends on the General Assembly agreeing to borrow $200 million per year over the next decade.

Some of the projects anticipated to be funded for construction by the end of 2012 include:

  • U.S. 11 resurfacing in Chambersburg and Greene and Southampton townships -- $3.1 million

  • Pa. 16 bridge repairs over the west branch of the Conococheague in Montgomery Township -- $2.3 million

  • Pa. 316 bridge replacement over Little Antietam Creek in Washington Township -- $2.8 million

  • Pa. 316 bridge replacement over Conrail in Chambersburg -- $4.9 million

  • Pa. 316 resurfacing in Guilford, Quincy and Washington townships and Waynesboro -- $3.8 million

  • Tan Yard Road bridge replacement in Lurgan and Southampton townships -- $2.1 million

  • Rowe Run Road bridge rehabilitation in Southampton Township -- $925,000

  • Orrstown Road bridge replacement in Southampton Township -- $4.5 million

  • Orrstown Road bridge replacement over Lehman Run in Letterkenny Township -- $351,000

  • Forge Hill Road resurfacing in Fannett and Lurgan townships -- $474,000

  • Pa. 696 bridge widening at Fayette Street interchange in Southampton Township -- $3.1 million

  • Pa. 997 bridge replacement over Little Antietam Creek in Quincy Township -- $1.7 million

  • Pa. 997 resurfacing from Smoketown Road to Valley View Road in Greene Township -- $932,000

  • Pa. 997 resurfacing from Pa. 641 to Cumberland County line -- $1.4 million

  • Pa. 997 resurfacing from Nunnery Road to Guilford Township line, Quincy Township and Mont Alto -- $1.7 million

  • Marsh Run Road bridge replacement over west branch of Little Antietam Creek in Washington Township -- $1.7 million

  • Wharf Road bridge replacement in Washington Township -- $571,000

  • Williamson Road bridge deck replacement over Back Creek in Antrim Township -- $2.3 million

  • Lemar Road resurfacing from Pa. 75 to Pa. 995 -- $1 million

  • Jack Road bridge replacement over Back Creek in Hamilton Township -- $2.2 million

  • Back Creek Road bridge replacement in St. Thomas Township -- $2.4 million

  • Guitner Road bridge rehabilitation over Conococheague Creek in Antrim Township -- $1.2 million

  • Horse Valley Road bridge preservation in Letterkenny Township -- $649,000

  • Back Road bridge replacement over Tuscarora Creek in Fannett Township -- $1.8 million

  • Cheesetown Road bridge rehabilitation over Rock Spring branch of Back Creek -- $1 million

  • Siloam Road bridge replacement over the Conococheague -- $1.7 million

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