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May 22, 2008|By JESS WEST

Attendance counts at Winter Street

Winter Street Elementary School students are working hard to improve school attendance. Principal Matthew Semler wants every student to "bee" at school and "bee" on time. Students who have perfect attendance are recognized daily, monthly and quarterly.

The class with the most "perfect attendance" days is recognized monthly. Mrs. Whiteman's kindergarten class won the April attendance challenge with perfect attendance 14 of the 22 school days for the month.

The following students had perfect attendance for April:

Mr. Orndorff's class (prekindergarten): Kyle Bradshaw, Breanna Burdette, Canai Epps and Christopher Hamby.

Mrs. Sturtz (prekindergarten): Kathy Balbuena-Dominguez, Donald DeChalus, Renaiiya Lee, Dane Russell, Kaci Smith and Kevon Warren.

Ms. Moats (kindergarten): Isaiah Mitchell.

Ms. McCarter (kindergarten): Aaliyah Books, Lamont Cockell, Jacob Patterson, Destin Paul, Kailah Randolph and Jacob Speaker.

Mrs. Raley (kindergarten): Ryan Caniford, Makiah Cross, Bailey Downey, Demani Grey, Brandyn Hines and Jeremy Peralta.

Mrs. Whiteman (kindergarten): Hope Carter, Edwin Carter Jr., Cooper Cline, Melanie Elliott and Quentin Sowers.


Mrs. Bausman (first grade): Jason Gardener, Jason Guyer, Octavia Jackson, Taylor Rudisill, Kaitlynn Speaker, Shellie Wallech and Elijah Wright.

Ms. Bjordal (first grade):Tyler Black, Hailey Chaney, Jovan Dyson, Jeannine Kulpinski, Floyd Sister and Starr St. John.

Mrs. Meredith (first grade): Daverion Artis, Charles Bell, Logan Finz, Ambria Gatrell, Jasiyah Harper, Jacob Metz, Autum Moats, Hannah Patterson, Myrandra Randolph, Tyrik Scott and Skye St. John.

Ms. Hardy (second grade): Justina Baker, Jaden Dudley, Patrick Green, Christopher Rhodes, Joshua Sorrell and Bridgit Stevenson.

Mrs. Moleski (second grade): Xavier Balbuena-Dominguez, Sarena James, Michael Keller, Russell Ragland, Brianna Robbins Devaughn, Malik Shrader and Mayela Valenzuela.

Mrs. Wilcox (second grade): Alazae Brooks, Justin Clark, Britany Forrest, Parker Herrington, Andrew Smith, Sarah Stanton and Patience Wright.

Ms. Williams (second grade): Rosalie Cooperman, Patrick Dorcant, Emmanuel Glaze, Zachary Hicks, Jarod Price and Jermaine Venable.

Ms. Bowers (third grade): Jason Carter, Thomas Downey, Justin Jones, Cam Patterson, Kellsie Riley, Matthew Walker and Katlin Wolfe.

Mrs. Stevens (third grade): Delwin Cosia Jr., Seth Davies, Howard Hale and Jeffrey Wetzel.

Mrs. Shaw (fourth grade): Sarah Ardinger, Kobe Cline, Alexandru Curca, Jay Forrest, Tara Nalley, Franklin Parker, Tiffany Stotelmyer and Germaine Venable.

Ms. Bikle (fourth grade): Kayle Farrow, Clay Forrest, Cortez Gatrell, Eric Hutzell, Samantha Jenkins, Skylar Patterson, Gage St. John and Heidi Sutphin.

Mr. Raley (fourth grade): Zachary Black, Dallas Burger, Tyler Dutrow, Justin Herold, Bethany Pruchniewski, Mercedes Shanholtz, Zenaisia Shelton, Blake Shrader and Holli Sutphin.

West Hagerstown Lions Club to mark 28th Charter Night

On Monday, June 2, all Lions Club members are invited to the club's 28th Charter Night at Washington Square Methodist Church.

The event will feature a country-western theme, and all attendees are encouraged to dress the part. Social hour begins at 6 p.m. Tickets cost $14. Call Donna Jackman at 301-790-2036 for more information.

On May 17, the West Hagerstown Lions Club served breakfast to the Wagon Train. Pancakes, puddin', sausage, orange juice and coffee was served.

The Lions Club serves the community throughout the year providing food and beverages at different events around the community.

With sadness, it was announced that the Lions Clubs will be losing a significant fundraising event. The Viking/Bulldog Roundup will no longer be held.

The roundup will be missed for many reasons; let us come together as a community to continue to support the local Lions Clubs so they might continue to provide services near and far.

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