Mail Call

May 21, 2008

"Regarding the recent approval of the Sheetz store at Route 66 and 64, this is the same caliber of thinking that approved the hospital's new site at Robinwood. Kind of like the movie 'Field of Dreams;' if you build it, they will come. It might take a while, but they will come. Welcome to Washington County, a suburb of Washington, D.C." - Keedysville

"This is in response to the caller who called in and was against the BOE's new policy about bus riding, and only having one bus stop. She said that after the bus driver dropped its students safely at home, then what if something happened. I just wanted to let her know it is her responsibility to take care of her children after the bus drops them safely at home. That's what's wrong with society now. Parents don't take care of their own children." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who was instrumental in getting the new fountain and the nice benches at Pangborn Park. I look forward to sitting there this summer and enjoying it firsthand." - Hagerstown


"It looks to me like the Clear Spring High School Blazers baseball team is on the way to their goal of state championship. They have good talent." - Williamsport

"I'd like to speak on the subject of postage stamps. Over the past couple years, about three or four times - I'm not really sure - postage went up a couple cents, and this last time, a cent. This is getting ridiculous. Why don't they raise it one time and let it go, instead of causing the consumers to keep on having to buy extra stamps to put with a stamp so the postage will go through?" - Clear Spring

"Earlier this year, or maybe a little before, someone, a thief, stole an old metal trough. It wasn't very good, but it meant sentimental value to me, and it was good enough for flowers. I liked the old trough, and that's why I kept it." - Mount Lena

"I like to say thanks to the City of Hagerstown for converting two concrete slabs on the Virginia Avenue overpass into two lovely gardens. Hopefully, drivers will slow down and take notice."

"Could you please inform whomever is responsible to repair the road in front of the new Olive Garden at the Valley Mall? The road ... is getting worse by the day." - West Virginia

"I object to calling politicians 'leaders.' They're much more akin to coach dogs, barking and running ahead of the stagecoach, 'leading the way'. They're supposed to be our public servants, looking out for our interests, not dreaming up new ways to destroy what little freedom we have left." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I see where the state of New York is paying students to go to school. If attending school is a big problem, then that shows us why some of the students are not learning. They do not value an education. Sports is valued higher than an education in the U.S."

"So (President) Bush went to the Middle East to bring his rating up? This may have been Nancy Pelosi's reason when she wasted taxpayers' money flying to Saudi Arabia to tell the head honcho there he needed to let his female citizens have driver's licenses. Bush isn't worried about 'polls,' as he said, and if he was concerned, he would have appeased the liberals long ago and pulled out of Iraq. This isn't the president's first trip to the Middle East." - Hagerstown

"I was just wondering about the new shopping center on U.S. 40 and I-70. Has any progress been made? Will they be able to start working on it soon? I hope that the county finally approved everything so the new jobs can come to Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"As a mail carrier, I would like the people to start to clean their mailboxes out and around, because sometimes there's poison even, coming up to the mailbox from the ground up, and I do catch poison. I would appreciate that very much. And some of them are getting that bad that you can't even open the lid up anymore." - Boonsboro

"I was just reading in Mail Call about the post office in Hagerstown that is not very friendly, and I would just like to say that I lived in Funkstown for 11 years, and the postal workers at the post office in Funkstown have been nothing but friendly and helpful and kind, and a big smile. I now live in Hagerstown, but I always go back to the post office in Funkstown, because the workers there are wonderful."

"I'm calling concerning the high rents that I read every day in the paper ... I don't know how the younger people make it today." - Hagerstown

"Just calling to thank Susquehanna Bank for sponsoring the 24 Game Competition. Those kids are absolutely amazing, and I'm just so grateful to Susquehanna for sponsoring such an incredible math event. And since they also sponsor the Antietam battlefield fireworks concert on the Fourth of July, I think they're a great company that does community service, and I will continue to keep my account at Susquehanna Bank." - Boonsboro

"Could the City of Hagerstown please, please, please (fix) the light at the intersection of Dual Highway and Manor Drive? ... We shouldn't be setting there waiting when there's no cars trying to come out of Manor Drive. It's a good two-minute wait every time, and it's like I catch that light every single time I go by there. And I deliver pizza in the area. It'd be nice, and might save us a little bit in the gas tank." - Hagerstown

"First, I'm a lifelong Republican; been a Republican since I signed up for voting in 1972, and anybody - Democrat, Independent, Republican - that votes for John McCain is insane. ... But you vote with your heart, and I'm telling you ... I can't take another four years of Bush. Sorry." - Hagerstown

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