Letters to the Editor

May 20, 2008

In praise, defense of Del. Chris Shank

To the editor:

I would like to voice my sincere objection to the series of comments bashing Del. Christopher Shank in recent Herald Mail editorials. I am truly outraged. As a resident of Washington County, I can understand why someone would disagree, but the vicious, personal attacks are uncalled for.

Chris Shank has worked hard for this county and for all the people of the State of Maryland. Could it be that those writing these nasty articles are simply worried that Del. Shank is more in touch with the voters than they are?

Chris Shank is a warm, caring, down-to-earth person who works for the needs of the working families and their children. He fights hard in Annapolis and listens to his constituents.


When my family needed help, he was there. Unlike the mean-spirited things the newspaper elitists have said about him, he didn't help us for political gain, he did it because he cares about the people and it's his job.

So, I say, keep fighting for us Chris. I rely upon your integrity to represent my family and me. Despite what they might think, The Herald-Mail opinion writers don't speak for us. You do and that's why we keep electing you.

Cindy Hill

To the editor:

I found the letter written by Misters Tom Clemens and Mike Harsh on May 12, "Shank butchers history and his responsibilities" disturbing and unfair.

I am glad Del. Chris Shank fought to derail Gov. Martin O'Malley's tax plan. Was Shank to go along with the big tax increase in order to keep the peace? Is he to ignore the opinion of what the fine gentlemen referred to as "lesser informed people?" Here is a news flash for Misters Clemens and Harsh. Us "lesser informed people" didn't like the big tax increase.

Shank knows his constituents well and figured out that the vast majority of Washington Countians, I dare say, were not too happy with the special session last fall which passed, among other things, a 20 percent increase in the sales tax.

The issue raised about Del. Shank campaigning in another district is a real straw man. Why wouldn't Shank campaign for someone who would share his values in our legislature? Lord knows, we could use a little balance. Apparently Misters Clemens and Harsh feel the current one-party system in Maryland works just fine.

Frivolous lawsuit indeed! Perhaps Misters Clemens and Harsh thought the tax increases were super and that we should all roll over and play dead because it was a Democratic governor in a one-party, Democratic-controlled state that pushed through a special session that almost nobody wanted. The governor had to threaten his loyal minions to hang tough when in their hearts they knew the folks back home were none too happy.

Here is one Democrat who thanks Del. Shank for his courage in fighting the good fight and keeping in touch with the wishes of the majority of the citizens of our county.

This is in stark contrast to the pompous pronouncements from the relative security of the ivory towers of Misters Clemens and Harsh and their unfortunate opinion about "lesser informed" folk.

George Michael

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Washington County Commissioners and county roads officials for listening to the public's concerns about the Funkstown bridge closure.

I would also like to give a big thank you to Del. Chris Shank who has given a lot of time and effort to support us on this issue. Dave Harmon did an outstanding job of expressing his concerns and issues that I, myself have concerns about.

I am speaking as an employee from a business I've been with for 20 years. I am very concerned about the bridge closing. I work strictly on commission and this bridge closing will affect my income tremendously.

I've expressed my opinion many times. I just hope you take into consideration not only business owners, but the hardship to employees who work at these businesses.

This is not just a bridge closing. This affects families, businesses, fire protection. This road is a main artery to Robinwood Medical Center. I could go on, but everyone knows the necessity of this road not being closed. Again, thanks to everyone who has supported not wanting our Funkstown Bridge closed.

Lori Weaver

To the editor:

Some days ago you printed a letter from Del. Chris Shank that I took to be a simple report to all of his constituents. I expect no less from our elected representatives. Strangely, his letter ignited a firestorm of harsh criticisms that each seemed to have "Democratic Party Headquarters" stamped all over them. Such negativity is to be expected during elections, but is it fair to create a climate that might inhibit our delegates from filing timely public reports?

Yesterday I took my digicam to a meeting in Keedysville and recorded about 15 minutes of a live Chris Shank report. I asked no permission and have received none, as Shank is a public figure.

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