Not all could have danced all night

May 18, 2008

The Herald-Mail asked high school seniors who agreed to participate in our monthly Senior Moments series the following question: Did you go to your senior prom? If so, what was the best memory of the night?

Jessey Flowers, 17

Clear Spring High School

Jessey attended the prom earlier this month and said it was "great."

Jessey went with a date -- his girlfriend of almost two years. He said he's been to two other proms, but his senior prom was special.

"It's the last dance I'll really have with the friends I grew up with," Jessey said.

His best memory from the night was when he and his friends first arrived at the dance.

"They played an upbeat song, and we all started going crazy," Jessey said. "Everybody just started bouncing up and down, screaming and hollering. It was great."


Meagan Graff, 17

North Hagerstown High School

Meagan Graff is going to her senior prom at the end of the month with a group of friends from band.

"It's going to be my last goodbye to everyone," she said.

Meagan found her dress last year when looking for one for her homecoming dance. She said she tried on two dresses that she liked, and bought them both.

While Meagan is looking forward to prom, she said the night will be bittersweet knowing that graduation soon will follow.

"I'm definitely going to be crying a lot at prom," she said.

Alvin Missouri, 18

Washington County Technical High School

Alvin, who did not attend his senior prom, said he's not anti-social. He just doesn't like school dances.

"I just don't like dances," he said. "Not even for my senior year. I just don't like dancing that much."

Alvin said when he goes to college, if there are dances, he might consider attending.

Christopher Mozingo, 17

South Hagerstown High School

Christopher worked at Olive Garden instead of attending his senior prom in late April.

He said he was a "little upset" that he missed it, but that his "gut" told him to work instead.

Christopher said he thought about asking for the day off, but decided not to.

"I'll probably regret it after I think about it," he said.

Stacey Pittman, 18

Hancock Middle-Senior High School

Stacey attended her senior prom in April and said it was bittersweet.

She said she was "excited" to go and had a good time, but said prom means graduation is right around the corner.

"This is like our last dance ... our last prom," Stacey said. "It's really hitting me now."

Stacey went to the prom with her boyfriend of two months, and said the best part of the night was spending time with her friends.

Misbah Shafi, 18

Smithsburg High School

Misbah was out of town for a family event the weekend of her senior prom.

She said she did not attend her junior prom either, and doesn't know if she'll have any regrets for not attending.

"I'm just really looking forward to the future," Misbah said.

Nicodeme Agassy Wanko, 17

Boonsboro High School

Nicodeme said he had to go to his senior prom.

"I mean ... it's senior prom," he said. "I probably just wanted to go because it was my senior prom."

Nicodeme, who is called Nico, said his prom was at the end of April, and he went with a friend.

He also attended his homecoming dance.

Nicodeme said his best memory from the prom was after the dance.

"I just hung out with some friends," he said.

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