Girls just want to have fun

Williamsport senior goes to prom with friends, not boy

Williamsport senior goes to prom with friends, not boy


Editor's note: What are your best memories from your senior year of high school? Was it prom? Making the basketball team? Did you get your driver's license that year? This school year, The Herald-Mail will talk with seniors from each public high school in Washington County about the memories they are making. Each month through their graduation, the eight students will talk about the moments that are making their senior year special.

WILLIAMSPORT -- In her freshman year, she went to the prom with a friend.

In her sophomore and junior years, she went with her boyfriend.

But this year, for her senior prom, Christiana Gagnon said she wanted to forget about boys for the night and spend the evening with a group of girls.

The Williamsport High School senior was accompanied by a Grace Academy student to her May 3 prom. The two went with six other young women who were determined to have fun without any guys.


"We wanted to do that on purpose," Christiana said. "We decided not to get boys this year because we were afraid that it might not work out. We're all having kind of bad luck with boys this year. It will be a lot more fun."

Christiana also planned to attend the Washington County Technical High School prom and North Hagerstown High School's prom with her friend, Ryan Seiler.

"It's your last year in high school, so it's the last big celebration before graduation," she said of prom. "I don't have a guy date, so it's not traditional. But it's still a big deal."

The dress

Christiana said planning for the prom mostly was about what she was going to wear.

She's worn a different dress each year, but said this year she would wear the same dress to at least two of the proms she is attending. She purchased her "brownish-colored, long mermaid-style" dress this year after trying on about 20 others.

"I was going to get a really poofy one, but it's really hot and hard to dance in," Christiana said.

In past years, Christiana has picked out her dress with her friends. But this year, she went with her mother, Carmen Gagnon.

"She likes it," Christiana said. "It was her favorite. That's probably the reason I got it."

After choosing a dress, she had to decide how she would do her hair. For the Williamsport prom, Christiana had her hair styled up. She said she probably would leave it down for the other dances.

Christiana taught swimming lessons the morning of her prom, but still made it to her hair appointment by noon.

Three hours later, she was finished and went home to get dressed.

She met with her friends to take pictures and have dinner.

"Then, I had to get my hair fixed because it was already starting to fall down," Christiana said.


The theme of her senior prom, held at Elks Lodge 378 on Robinwood Drive in Hagerstown, was "1950s Hollywood."

"The decorations were not over the top," Christiana said. "They were kind of plain. It was cute."

Pictures of movie stars from that era lined the walls, along with a picture of the Hollywood sign.

"The best part of the night was being with my friends," Christiana said. "It was a lot of fun. It was probably the best dance I've been to in all of high school."

Christiana said she did not regret her decision to go without a traditional date.

"I had all of my friends there," Christiana said. "I didn't have to worry about guys or anything. I could do whatever I wanted."

Despite the fun, Christiana said the night was bittersweet. With the last day of school only about two weeks away, graduation is right around the corner.

The reality of leaving high school is "starting to hit me," Christiana said.

"I don't know if I'm excited about it or sad," she said. "I think I'm more sad."

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