Mail Call

May 16, 2008

"Some few weeks back The Herald-Mail published an editorial on what should parents tell their children about sex. This has been a subject in your paper quite frequently, but most emphasized the school, church, anything but parents teach this subject. Look at the Amish people. They don't smoke, drink, do drugs or have a problem with teens. Parents should set the example. They have their own schools, so their children aren't subject to these problems, including carrying firearms and knives to school. We don't have to be Amish to have their 'common sense.' Apples never fall far from the tree." - Hagerstown

"Obama received 46 percent of the vote in Jefferson County, 40 percent of the vote in Berkeley County, and 26 percent of the vote statewide. We now know where the smartest people in West Virginia live." - Rohrersville

"How to cut the cost of a wedding: First, let the bride and groom pay 95 percent of their complete wedding when they marry. Second, after five or six years of happily being married, the parents of both husband and wife will agree to an amount of money to the couple for repayment of their wedding." - Fayetteville, Pa.


"Just wondering why you murder somebody and you go to prison for life, instead of getting the punishment you deserve. You get the death penalty for things that are nothing at all. But you murder somebody, you go to prison, get three squares a day, no bills to pay or anything else, and the taxpayers have to take care of you." - Hancock

"I'd like to respond to the piece in the paper about the budget cuts blamed for crime rate rises, increase. I don't think it's the budget cuts in states that's causing it. I think it's because the council people, the city, the mayors and all these states and counties and cities, they keep raising taxes, and the poor people don't make enough money because they don't have jobs in America any more. They're all in China. Why are the politicians trying to blame something else? If you don't have work, you're gonna live somehow. So it's that simple, and that's what Hagerstown and Washington County is on. All they do is raise taxes." - Hagerstown

"The County Commissioners have recently approved the construction of a Sheetz gas store at the corner of 64 and 66, opposite AC&T. I don't know where their thinking is, but the traffic problems down there are gonna be enormous, let alone accidents, people driving too fast on Jefferson Boulevard." - Smithsburg

"I was shopping today, and we needed a loaf of bread. I looked at name-brand bread, white bread, and it was $2.69 for a loaf of bread. So I thought 'I'll buy the store brand.' It was $1 cheaper. It was $1.69. To me, that's still ridiculous for a loaf of bread. I think somebody - we need to get rid of these gas prices, because that's why everything's going up so high." - Hagerstown

"I'm reading the Tuesday, May 13 newspaper. I'd just like to give a shout out to the person who called in from Hagerstown. You are right, and it does sound about right. It's ridiculous, people fighting over a plaque." - Hagerstown

"I received my tax check last week, and unfortunately, I can't go out and spend it. I have to put it in the bank to save for my property taxes." - Hagerstown

"Could someone please call in and tell me - and list them - how many countries came to our aid when Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of our country? I'm not saying we shouldn't help others at times, but let's take care of our country first. Enough is enough. You don't buy friendship or respect. You earn that." - Hagerstown

"I am calling because I was very, very happy to see Monday's paper, about the Romanian people coming here and actually enjoying the American culture and wanting to put their culture with the American culture. That is more than what I can say for the people that cross the Rio Grande River, and that come from other countries to our country that want us to change things for them. Thank you, Romanian people."

"I wouldn't be so upset over the penny increase in our postage stamps if the post office that I commonly used were a little more consumer-friendly. They at least could smile when they take your money. I wonder why some post offices close at lunch, and some don't. Thurmont's stays open during the lunch time."

"I was in Hagerstown the other day and I had to stop by Social Services to do something with child support. There is no place to park, and if you park someplace in the back, then the guard tells you no, you can't park there. So I think that once Washington County Hospital moves to Robinwood, I think that Social Services should move to the Washington County Hospital, so that way there's more parking. It is such a hassle, so I really think that - I know other people would agree that people - the Social Services area should move to Washington County Hospital where there's more parking."

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