Hancock pool repairs to cost $100,000

pool won't open by Memorial Day

May 15, 2008|By HEATHER KEELS

HANCOCK - Hancock's municipal swimming pool will not be ready in time to open on Memorial Day, and repairs are likely to cost more than $100,000, Town Manager David Smith told the Hancock Town Council Wednesday.

Smith said he learned last week that the town's insurance will not pay for the repairs because it does not cover faulty materials or improper installation.

Inspectors have said the pool's broken fiberglass lining needs to be removed and the concrete underneath needs to be treated to remove "years and years of buildup" that should have been removed before the fiberglass was applied, Smith said.

"We're not talking about patching the pool, we're talking about redoing the pool, as far as the lining goes," Mayor Daniel A. Murphy said.


The company that originally installed the fiberglass no longer is in business, but numerous lawsuits are pending against its parent company, Smith said.

Once the pool is ready for crews to begin working on it, the work will take only two to three days, making a June opening a possibility, Smith said.

Meanwhile, the town is exploring sources of private donations to help pay for the cost of repairs, Smith said. AC&T officials already have pledged $10,000 in foundation and private donations, he said.

Smith said he is confident other local businesses will pitch in to help because of the pool's importance to the community.

Several groups, including the Washington County Recreation Department, a local preschool and a church Bible school program normally use the pool, Murphy said.

In the future, town officials also plan to re-examine the town's $279,000 insurance policy on the pool, Smith said.

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