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May 14, 2008|By MADGE MILES / 301-791-7647

Hagerstown native returns to city to meet with book club

She was regal, she was elegant, she was inspiring.

Trenessa Karen, author of "How Deep Is Your Hate," drove recently from North Carolina to attend the Sisters in Spirit April Book Club.

The participants couldn't wait until she arrived as most were anxiously looking forward to asking her questions about how she got interested in writing and what was really on her mind when she wrote the book.

She was a delight and joy as she explained how the characters evolved and what they actually represented when she was writing. For some, the main character didn't receive what she deserved while others agreed with the writer, that perhaps she did.


The discussion got into all of the little intricacies of the "whodunit" book and only one person actually guessed who the killer was before reading the end. It was definitely a great murder mystery and all agreed - they were looking forward to her next book and wondered if it will be a sequel or a new book.

Ms. Karen shared that she had a few books on her mind and actually started working on her next book but that a sequel was not in her plans at this time. She said she had closed that chapter, but the participants are hopeful she will change her mind.

After the discussion, Ms. Karen signed books - each with a special "note" and renewed acquaintances with some of her schoolmates who came out to support her.

It was a nice afternoon to visit Washington County Library and share insight into the book with Ms. Karen.

Women's Day benefit to be held

The Second Christian Church's Annual Women's Day Tea and Dinner will be Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the church (65 W. North Ave.) The proceeds of this event will help benefit their Women's Day.

And you get your choice of dinners as there will be two menus. The first menu consists of turkey salad on lettuce, deviled eggs, green beans, potato chips, roll, cake and soda for an $8 donation.

The second menu consists of fried chicken, potato salad, green beans, roll, cake and soda for an $8 donation.

So whether you want to eat something light or perhaps buy both and have one for lunch and the other for dinner, stop by the Second Christian Church on Saturday and help support their Woman's Day.

No Smoking Youth Rally

The annual No Smoking Youth Rally, hosted by the No Smoking Youth Club, attracted more than 60 young people and adults for an afternoon of fun, learning about the dangers of smoking and what steps to take in overcoming tobacco use.

State Sen. Donald Munson showed his support with his attendance.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Williams, of Rochester, N.Y., who is a health educator and has a background in health administration. Williams used simple terms to teach the youths that dangers of tobacco use start before the damage is visible. Williams also shared strategies that everyone should take to avoid tobacco and exposure to secondhand smoke. Participants were called on to join Dr. Williams in tactical activities and everyone appeared impressed by the demonstrations.

All participants at the rally completed a health education survey which showed young people that tobacco use by minors is a crime. This information led into the education team working in small discussion groups to talk about this issue since most young people will not knowingly commit a crime.

After a hearty meal, the rally participants studied the Tobacco Ingredients sheet in preparation for the "Win Mr. Andy's Money" contest where contestants are given a chance to recite, from memory, the list of poisons added to cigarette tobacco.

The contestants age 7 years old or younger won $5 if they recited at least five of the ingredients listed on the study sheet and $10 for reciting at least 10 additives. The contestants 8 and older had to recite at least 10 to win a cash prize and for reciting the entire list of 20 received a grand prize award. Everyone that competed received a tub of cotton candy. In addition to the monetary award, No Smoking Youth Rally T-shirts were given to everyone who registered at the door along with tobacco/health information and the Tobacco Ingredients study sheet.

Additionally, everyone who stayed to the end was awarded a $5 gift card.

Besides the activities held at the rally, there were several exhibit tables:

Washington County Public Schools representative Julie Muenzfeild spoke about a smoking cessation program offered to high school students; Sila Alegret-Bartel represented the Hispanic chapter of the No Smoking Youth Club; and Head Start of Washington County was represented by Mary Beck.

The event was sponsored by Brothers United Who Dare To Care with funding from the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene/MOTA program and the Washington County Health Department.

For Our Kids Sake preparing for trip

For Our Kids Sake's directors are gearing up for their annual trip with the kids scheduled for Aug. 2. This year, they will travel on Atlantic Coast Charter to Hersheypark, Pa.

If you would like to sponsor a child or children, please send (or take) your donations to any Hagerstown Trust Co. Please be sure to annotate Account No. 141518 on your check or inform the teller.

I'll keep you posted on this and the additional fundraisers!

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