Waynesboro briefs

May 12, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

Outdoor furnace ordinance studied

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - The Waynesboro Borough Council and its legal counsel continue to look at an ordinance governing the use of outdoor furnaces to heat homes.

Further consideration is being given to language in the proposed ordinance that refers to use only being permitted between Oct. 1 and May 1. Councilman Charles "Chip" McCammon questioned what would happen if the town were hit with a cold spell in late spring.

"My furnace is still running," McCammon said last Wednesday.

McCammon said he and Councilman Ben Greenawalt went to a home recently to look at an outdoor furnace. They described it as having an eight-inch smokestack that stood 30 feet high.

Drafts of the ordinance state that it would concern any equipment situated outdoors with the primary purpose to produce heat through the combustion of fuel. The ordinance would prohibit the furnaces in the downtown business district, town center, general commercial and hospital/office zones.


They would also only be permitted on lots greater than 12,000 square feet with certain setbacks from other structures.

"I doubt if anyone is going to buy one because of all these restrictions," McCammon said.

Council seeks teen member

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - A teenager from the Borough of Waynesboro could soon be chosen to serve as a junior member of the Waynesboro Borough Council.

The council has requested that high school-aged students submit letters of interest for the position to borough hall, 57 E. Main St.

The council wants to participate in the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs junior member program, Council President Craig Newcomer said.

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