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John Tesh's improvement book hits lot of right notes

May 11, 2008|By TIM SHEA

A couple of months ago, I wrote a column about a wellness screening I went through at The Herald-Mail.

At that point, I weighed about 190 pounds and had the body of a 47-year-old.

Now, I've lost about 10 pounds, but I feel like I have aged about 10 years.

My belief is that wellness is not just a physical thing, but also mental and emotional. In both of those cases, I haven't gotten past seventh grade, so I guess that balances out how old I feel physically.

On my way down to Florida last month, I listened to some of "The John Tesh Radio Show" on a station in Jacksonville. Along with music, he offered up tips such as what words not to use in an argument (avoid sentences that begin with "you") and what's better for you, a piece of chocolate cake or a brownie (the cake is better because it is less dense). A lot of fascinating information.


During the show, he plugged his book, "Intelligence for Your Life," and I thought it might be interesting to buy.

A couple of days later at a bookstore, my fiance was looking at a book on a table and I looked in that direction. Just about right next to that book was the smiling face of John Tesh - former "Entertainment Tonight" host, piano player extraordinaire and now, author.

So I had to buy this book as part of my goal to increase my wellness quotient or just because I always could use a good laugh.

Through this book, I have found the secret to living a happy life. All I have to do is live my life exactly like Tesh.

He offered many tips. One was about setting goals. He wrote that you should have two goals per month, and to write them down on three index cards, attaching one to the dashboard of my car.

Hey Tesh, I've already got satellite radio in my car. Adding an index card to my dashboard is going to be an unnecessary distraction.

He also gave advice on taking care of your relationships. Where was this book about 20 years ago when I really needed it?

My favorite chapter in this section was titled "Six Little Things Every Marriage Needs." One is to say "I love you" at least once a day to your significant other. And don't mumble it - look right in the eyes and say it, according to Mr. Connie Sellecca.

So I've gone out of my way to do this with Sherri. I have to make sure she is looking into my eyes when I say this. And before I say it, one of us usually is cracking up because I'm actually trying to follow a piece of advice FROM JOHN TESH.

I've got one chapter left to go, "Trust God." If John Tesh is going to get all spiritual at this point, maybe I'll just stop reading here and now.

Say what you want about him, but this really is a good book. There's a lot of things in it that I really need to apply to my life in order to be a better person. And if I really dedicate myself to this, I'll be a changed man by my 70th birthday.

Which, right now, feels like it's only 13 years away.

Tim Shea is Weekend Editor of The Herald-Mail. You may reach him at 301-733-5131, ext. 2329, or by e-mail at You also can read more items by him on the Editors' Blog at

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