Mail Call

May 09, 2008

"Way to go, Waynesboro area school board. An area which was used for many activities, such as the Jubilee and sledding in the winter, is now two irrigated athletic fields with a sprinkling system, and fenced in to keep the public out. There was always two athletic fields at this location but the board found a way to spend some money to keep the public out. School boards need to be reminded about who pays the bills." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Is Mrs. Clinton continuing to campaign just to raise money so that her campaign can pay back the $5 million that she loaned to it?" - Rohrersville

"How does raising the tax on oil companies lower our gas prices? We need to become independent of oil by using our own. The environmentalists and some members of Congress are blocking this. What is in it for them?"

"In reference to another vehicle/pedestrian accident occurring in Waynesboro, I would like to know why these people that cause these pedestrian accidents, why aren't they fined and all, especially the driver of a vehicle? How many times must people be hit and killed in Waynesboro before something is done? All you keep reading in your paper, along with other papers, is about these pedestrian accidents, but I don't read of anybody being charged in these accidents." - Greencastle, Pa.


"Whether it's the city or county government, it seems that the elected officials want to immediately pass on to the taxpayer any additional costs for the services provided. In reality what should be done is to require every department head to provide a plan of how to cut costs by 'X' percent, and hold them to it. These are difficult times, and they require difficult decisions in regard to controlling increasing costs of operating our local governments."

"I'm so glad to see that our U.S. government, Democrats and Republicans, are pledging money to the cyclone-ravaged countries, when citizens in our own country are struggling to make ends meets. Seems to me the government has their priorities all wrong." - Sharpsburg

"Charles Town City Council drops Lord's Prayer after man's complaint - I wish the elected officials would start getting some backbone and start standing up to all this politically-correct bull."

"Don't forget your mother on Mother's Day. Here's a poem to help you remember: 'No one knows the work it makes to keep the home together. Nobody knows the steps it takes, nobody knows but Mother. Nobody knows the lessons taught of loving one another. Nobody knows the patience sought. Nobody knows but Mother.'" - Clear Spring

"Bush's daughter should hold her wedding over in Iraq." - Clear Spring

"To the Waynesboro caller: Bill O'Reilly and Bill Clinton were college students in England in 1969, during Vietnam. Maybe that's why Mr. O'Reilly wasn't so hard on Hillary." - Hagerstown

"The health care article about the free clinic did not mention what people did before 'free this and free that.' People took care of their own problems and their children. There were no free clinics, WIC, food stamps, free diapers - and we did get sick. Giving is what makes people depend on something or someone else and not themselves. Children in poor families have always received free health care. How many of these families have tattoos, body piercing, alcohol, drugs, maxed-out credit cards on things they want and don't need? Pennsylvania SCHIP program covers all children. When I pay for welfare recipients' cigarettes, it is hard to feel pity." - Hagerstown

"This is to the Sharpsburg caller who said we went to Iran to fight the war, we went to the wrong country. Don't forget, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were hiding in Afghanistan, and we couldn't go into Afghanistan. Three things President Clinton did wrong: One, he had Osama bin Laden three times and he let him go. Two, he wouldn't protect our borders, and number three, he sold all our secrets to China. And people say he was a great president?" - Funkstown

"Today is May 7, 2008, and things in athletics have not changed. The front page of the sports page is all about men's sports. The sports on the TV is all about men's sports. The sports on cable is all about men's sports. Meanwhile, last evening the most amazing upset in any sport occurred. The U.S. Olympic Team - invincible almost - Virginia Tech upsets the U.S. Olympic Team one to nothing, on a no-hitter. No coverage in any of the media. This is how far women's sports have come." - Smithsburg

"I was at the real estate tax hike meeting last night, and two suggestions were proposed that the newspaper didn't report on. One was to annex Fountainhead, and the other suggestion to the City Council was to stop spending money." - North End

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